Aquafina Ingredients

Today, we are talking about Aquafina Ingredients!

If you’re drinking Aquafina, you probably know that there are no labeled ingredients on the bottle. 

Does that mean that there are no ingredients?

Well, as strange it may sound, it’s true!

Aquafina is purified water through a process called reverse osmosis. 

This process is removing all the pathogens, viruses, and bacteria that the water might have. Unfortunately, it is removing all the minerals and nutrients as well. 

This process turns water into a scavenger. 

And what does this mean?

Well, there are two things happening after we strip our water of everything it has. 

The water starts eating away the plastic. If you ever took a sip of the water that stood in the sun for a while, you know that it tastes like plastic. 

The second thing is that this process starts producing a carcinogen known as a xenoestrogen. 75% of men and women who had breast cancer, had high levels of xenoestrogen in their bodies.

Aquafina Ingredients Conclusion

So is there anything inside Aquafina Water? 

Unfortunately, no. Aquafina Water is highly acidic water that is acting as a scavenger, looking to eat away anything it comes in contact with.  

This water can be harmful to your health. 

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