Aquafina vs Nestle Pure Life Water. Which water is the better of the two?

Aquafina vs Nestle Pure Life Which water is the better of the two? Find out here!

In today’s review, we have Aquafina vs Nestle Pure Life Water!

We are going to test these waters for 3 specific properties:

  • Antioxidants
  • Alkalinity
  • Superior Hydration

Aquafina is a pretty popular brand that you see everywhere you go. On the other hand, Nestle is a huge brand, and you typically see this water in fast foods, whether it’s Burger King or any other place, this is what you get.

So the first test we’re going to start with is Antioxidants!


Why Antioxidants? Can there be antioxidants in the water?

And the answer is yes, antioxidants can be inside the water you’re drinking.

We are surrounded by free radicals, chemical compounds found in air, technology, even in the food that we consume. These things are taking away the electrons from the healthy cells which then become inflamed and oxidized.

Every single disease known to men is connected with this process.

Antioxidants have the ability to neutralize free radicals. They are keeping us healthy, young, and they are essentially the fountain of youth.

Our water should have antioxidants in it. It should give us the nutrients we need, and push out the toxins from our organism.

To test if these waters are antioxidant-rich, we are going to use an ORP meter.

ORP stands for oxidation-reduction potential. It basically shows the ability of the water to reduce oxidation of the cells.

If our contenders are oxidizing, our test will show a positive value which means that the water is positively charged. On the other hand, if they contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, we will get a negative value.

Let’s see if Aquafina is good or bad for us!

aquafina vs nestle pure life which water is the better of the two? Find out here!

We got a big positive number, which means that this water is creating oxidation, thus it’s bad for our health.

Maybe Nestle Pure Life Water will do better:

aquafina vs nestle pure life which water is the better of the two? Find out here!

Nestle Pure Life Water is showing even more.

Both of these are oxidizing, and they are not good for drinking since they are oxidizing and creating sickness.

But, to be fair, Aquafina did a little bit better, but still - it’s oxidizing. 

If you are wondering if there is a water that will show a negative value, meaning it is good for our health, the answer is - yes. 

electrolyzed reduced water

Next test, Alkalinity!


We all know that cancer and sickness can’t survive in an alkaline environment. It is a proven fact, and Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg even got a Nobel prize for that discovery. 

The water we are drinking and the food we are eating should be more on the alkaline side, and not so much on the acidic side. 

By taking in acidic stuff like cigarettes, alcohol, sweeteners, and pollution, our body has a hard time keeping a balanced level of alkalinity. However, it will do anything in its power to do that.


By taking nutrients from your joints, ligaments, skin, and even your brain!

That’s how we end up sick.

To find out if our water is acidic or alkaline, we're going to use pH drops.

Red, orange, or yellow color indicates acidic water that’s doing us harm, while blue, purple, or dark purple indicates water that is either providing minerals or ensuring our body has exactly what it needs.

aquafina ph test

Aquafina is showing up acidic, and Nestle Pure Life Water is more neutral, which is better. 

What makes the difference is the content. Minerals like Calcium Chloride used to de-ice roads, 

Magnesium Chloride, an inorganic salt, and Potassium Bicarbonate - Baking soda might be the reason why Nestle Pure Life Water indicates as a neutral. 

Luckily, we can test this alkalinity by blowing some air into the water, and see if the water color will change or stay the same!

aquafina vs nestle pure life which water is the better of the two? Find out here!

The color has changed, meaning that this alkalinity is “fake” and that both waters are the same. 

And what about the water that I’m drinking? How will it test out? You can check it out here!

Superior Hydration

We’re going to test both waters for their hydration abilities. 

The water that we're drinking should hydrate us at a cellular level. It shouldn't just sit in our stomach and make us feel bloated. And to see if our contenders hydrate us or not, we’re going to test them by a simple trick using a teabag!

Why teabag?

Teabag represents our cellular membrane. The water should pass the membrane, push out the toxins, and bring in the nutrients. If it can’t pass through teabag, how should it pass through a much smaller membrane? 

aquafina vs nestle pure life which water is the better of the two? Find out here!

Unfortunately, non of these waters did any good. They are hardly hydrating us. 

And what about the mystery water that did well in the first two tests? Will it do well again?

aquafina vs nestle pure life which water is the better of the two? Find out here!

Well, more than well! 

Think about this. If you are taking supplements, you want your water to be able to reach the cell, enter through the membrane, and provide your cells with proteins, vitamins, and minerals you are taking. 

However, if you are drinking one of these waters that we tested, well, bad luck. You are throwing away your money.


Aquafina vs Nestle Pure Life Which water is the better of the two? Find out here!
We tested these waters for three specific properties.

Aquafina did better in the first test, oxidation, but it is still oxidizing us and making us sicker. 

The second test for alkalinity showed us even results, as well as the last test since none of these waters can actually hydrate us.

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

If you want something that's better, water that actually improves your health and life quality, contact me and do the best for your well-being!

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