Arrowhead vs Nestle Pure Life

 In today's video, you asked for it, Arrowhead vs Nestle Pure Life water. We're going to test these waters to find out which one is best.

All right? If you're curious about what we're going to be testing it for, we're going to be testing for three properties.

1) Antioxidants.


3) I like to call superior hydration.

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Also, I have a awesome resource for you, and it's about the five key properties of a healthy water, that you must know.

Arrowhead versus Nestle Pure Life : Antioxidants 

There are so many oxidizing things around us, right? If you bite into an apple and you let it sit, it starts to rust, right? That is oxidation happening in real time.

It's coming from the free radicals in this air, from consuming acidic foods,  in our cell phones and all the technology around us. All of those free radicals...creates rust in our body.

Oxidation leads to inflammation, and this vicious cycle is linked to every health concern known to man. Every health issue, we end up having, is linked to inflammation and oxidation. Any type of itis you have is a form of inflammation.

arrowhead vs nestle pure life when it comes to oxidants

 We want our water to be full of antioxidants because it's going to be negatively charged

It's going to reduce that inflammation and it's going to be reducing that aging, so we can essentially look as young and as useful as ever. All right?

Real quick, we're going to go ahead and open up this Arrowhead water, Then we're going to open up this Nestle Pure Life Water, and going to see which one is better. We're going to test for antioxidants.

Oxidants, things that are oxidizing for us are positively charged and they create sickness and aging in the body.

Something that is an antioxidant is negatively charged and it promotes health and reduces the inflammation occupation, and pushes those toxins out.

We're going to use this ORP meter and that stands for an Oxidation Reduction Potential. Or if you say it backwards, the potential to reduce oxidation.

We're going to see if that number shows up positive or negative here, and it'll let us know if it's actually helping or harming our health. All right. Let's take a look at this one first, which is Arrowhead. We'll see what we see.

All right. Not sure if you can see that, but it looks like we have a positive number, right? That means it's creating oxidation and aging in the body, right now it's sitting at 252.

 All right, let's go ahead and test Nestle Pure Life. This one is also creating oxidation and aging in the body and it is actually almost at a 270.

Both of these are creating aging in the body, oxidation, so it's going to lead to more health issues. But right now it looks like Nestle Pure Life is better than Arrowhead in this instance.

Now, you're probably wondering, is there something that actually shows up negative and there actually is. I'm going to go ahead and show you this water right here. I'm going to go ahead and pour some of this in here.

We're going to test the properties of this one. We're going to test the ORP of this one and see how it comes out. See if you can see that. Hopefully you can.  This one is showing up as a negative 830.

This water is full of anti-oxidizing properties and it's going to end up pushing out those toxins, making sure you reduce that inflammation and aging, and essentially it's going to keep you looking younger. 

 I just wanted to show you that there is water out there that is actually good and that's one of the properties we talked about in that resource.

All right, now we are onto the second test of our Arrowhead vs Nestle Pure Life water battle, and that is we're going to test for alkalinity.

Arrowhead versus Nestle Pure Life : Alkalinity Test

Now, alkalinity is really a byproduct of what's in these waters and how the water is treated.

But alkalinity is great for us because we want to consume things that are definitely alkaline for our body. Our body must remain in a slightly alkaline environment to prevent cancerous, acidic issues from occurring in the body.

What we're going to use, is we're going to use these pH drops. Now, pH stands for potential hydrogen. We're going to put a few drops in here. We want to see what color it turns. 

arrowhead vs nestle pure life when it comes to alkalinity

If it turns a red, orange, or a yellow, that means that it is acidic. It's actually eating electrolytes that our body actually needs to survive and function. However, if you see a blue, a purple, a dark purple, that means it is alkaline.

That means it is actually promoting our body to have an alkaline environment, right? We're just going to go ahead and put a few drops in these.

 We can see that Arrowhead is showing a beautiful blue color, and it makes sense, right? This is spring water, so they're literally taking this water from a spring. They are filtering it and then putting the rest of that into a bottle. 

Our Nestle Pure Life water here, is a seven. It's neutral. It's about the same as your tap water. This has been done through reverse osmosis and they are putting chemicals into this water.

 A few of the things that they're putting into this water is:

  • Calcium chloride - That is salt that is used to de-ice the road.
  • Sodium bicarbonate - which is essentially baking soda.
  • Magnesium sulfate - which is Epsom salt.

Keep that in mind. This is done after this water goes through reverse osmosis. Just picture that. We're going to have all the healthy water, that has all the healthy minerals in it. We're going to remove all the bad stuff and the good stuff. Then we're going to add in extra stuff, so we're add extra inorganic minerals that our body isn't able to process.

Right now, at this stage, I would say that Arrowhead is doing better than Nestle Pure Life. 

You're wondering, hold on. Is there a water that actually shows up in those purple ranges?

There is, and it's not adding anything to the water and it this mystery water that we have here. Once again, another good property of a healthy water is, is alkalinity, right?

We want to be careful though, because there are bottled waters that actually put stuff in them to make them appear alkaline when they aren't really.

So this concludes our second test of our Arrowhead vs Nestle Pure Life Watter battle, and that was on alkalinity.

Arrowhead versus Nestle Pure Life : Superior Hydration

All right, we are onto that final test, superior hydration. Have you ever noticed when you drank a lot of water and it just sits in your stomach, you're like, hold on..... Why did I drink all this water and yet I'm still not feeling hydrated?

Our water should be able to penetrate our cells and hydrate us at a cellular level. The best way for me to show that is using tea. So, what I have here, is some tea.

If the water is actually small enough, if it's actually the right size, which is what we're looking at here, it's going to actually be smallest enough to pass through the tea bag and make tea.

Now I know what you're thinking. You're like, well, LaPrentiss, there is no way that's possible.

Everyone knows in order to make tea, you have to boil it. Well, why are we boiling it? We're boiling it because we're making the water small enough to actually pass through and nutrients from the teabag.

 Picture this teabag as you being dehydrated. That's what it is. The leaves that have been extracted, all the water has been extracted out of the leaves, so now we're going to add that water to hydrate them again.  

Let's check out Arrowhead. All right. This is what happens, right? The bag floats up and we feel the same way. We felt bloated. We're just, everything's sitting there. We can't do jumping jacks or anything we want.

Let me go ahead and try Nestle Pure Life.

We're getting the same thing. It looks like neither one of these waters are really hydrating us here. It was probably a good reason why we're oh, we're going a little bit from Nestle Pure Life.

Let me go ahead and try this other water that we have here and see what we get. Look at that. It immediately started pulling the nutrients out from the tea and we're able to get some tea. Let's see what happens if we try it again, just to make sure this wasn't a trick.

We'll go ahead and try on the Arrowhead water. This is spring water. It's making a little bit. It's probably the residual that came from this last one that we did here. We're able to pull some of the nutrients through. All right.

Let me try this one more time with the Nestle Pure Life. Nestle Pure Leaf does have some smaller parts of the water, so it looks like it is actually able to make a little bit of tea, but nowhere near as sharp, or as potent as this water that we have here. I would say that Nestle Pure Life may be better, but ultimately I feel that they're the same.

They're both the same quality. If we look at them right here, they're both the same. In this battle ... Actually, let's go ahead and see something real quick. I just want test something really quick.

Even a little bit of tea that was in these, was able to make it again. That's pretty crazy. Was able to pull nutrients, just from the little bit of tea particles in there and make full blends of tea.That is awesome.

Arrowhead versus Nestle Pure Life : Who Won?


Ultimately though, who won this? 

I want to say it's a tie, right? Our Nestle, our Arrowhead, comes to Arrowhead vs Nestle Pure Life, arrowhead did have less on the ORP, right? It was a little bit more, a little bit less oxidated, but it was still oxidated.

Same with the Nestle Pure Life. It was also oxidated. It was a little bit higher. In that category, Arrowhead wins.

When it comes to the pH, there's a lot of stuff, additional chemicals in this water. So, Arrowhead ended up winning in that battle. We say Arrowhead won there too. 

Then, the last test that we did, we tested for superior hydration. Neither one of them were really able to hydrate you as good.

The Nestle Pure Life started to do something a little bit more than this one. So, in essence, I would say Arrowhead is better, but if you want the best water for your health, you don't want either. 

They're not able to hydrate you. They're oxidizing in nature and so you want something better.

If you truly do want something better and you're serious, you definitely want to check out that resource that I mentioned earlier about the five healthy, five properties every healthy water you should have. You can check it out below. 

Thank you for sticking around to the end of this Arrowhead vs Nestle Pure Life Water Battle. If you enjoyed it, remember to like comment, subscribe, and I'll see you in the next video.

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