Blk Water Review…Is This The Best Water For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, , we're gonna do a really, really quick Blk Water Review, okay? Let's go ahead and get this opened up. 

A lot of people have been requesting this and I don't know, you guys who have subscribed to my channel, you already know how I do these reviews.

And if you haven't subscribed, you may want to smash up subscribe button. But this one is gonna be very unusual compared to how I do the other ones, all right?

However, we are gonna be testing blk. water. We're gonna be pitting it up against this electrolyzed reduced water.

And today we're gonna focus on one test and one test only, and that is antioxidants, okay? We want to be drinking a water that's actually full of antioxidants.

And I know people are just like, "What, that's a thing?" Yes, it is.

And the reason why is 'cause we have all these things around us known as free radicals, they come into our cells and start taking the, not into our cells, but they come and take the electrons from our healthy cells.

This creates oxidation and inflammation and has linked to every single health disease known to man.

So any type of it is that you're experiencing, for example, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, those are inflammations that are happening in the body with those cells, okay?

They're happening in that specific area, okay? And so antioxidants are really great at neutralizing that oxidation, bringing down that inflammation and keeping us young, okay?

So if you see a banana and it starts to turn brown, when it sits out, that's oxidation happening in real time. That's rust happening in real time. And our cells are doing that.

It's essentially an aging process. So we want to consume antioxidants because it's gonna slow down that process, not completely stop it, but slow down that aging process.

And we're gonna test that in this Blk Water Review. And so how do we test it?

1. Antioxidants

We're gonna use this ORP meter. ORP stands for oxidative reduction potential and we're gonna test for the potential to reduce oxidation.

 And if we see a positive number, we know that's creating rust and aging within the body.

However, if we see a negative number, we know that is antioxidant, it's anti-inflammatory, it's gonna be great for our health.

So let's see what we get here with blk. water. All right, and as we look at it, we are getting a solid 134, like it's not moving up, barely.

blk water review

There was 134, that's a positive 134, which means that it's oxidizing us, which means it's not helping our health, okay?

Let's take a look at this electrolyzed reduced water and see how it does. Wow, look at that. It immediately jumps into the negatives. Negative 720. 725.

blk water review

So this is a very, very strong antioxidant and this is great for maintaining our health, okay? Your fruits, your vegetables, they do the same thing.

But here's the thing, when you consume those, they leave behind an ash which is why we end up going to the bathroom, right? That ash is oxidizing, okay?

And it stays in our intestines and sometimes we don't get it all out, right? So that is oxidative and it harms ourselves in that way too.

Water on the other hand, it doesn't leave anything behind. It gets absorbed and then whatever's left, it gets flushed out in a much better fashion, okay?

So there you have it in Blk Water Review. Blk. water is oxidizing us and that's all I can really do for this test.

 As you can see, there's no way I could do the second test which is the pH, because we aren't gonna see any color change. Look at this It's black.

I have no idea what that pH color is. I have no idea what that could be.

Blk Water Review

But just to share with you a history of past waters. This here is purified water, okay? 

And if you've seen any of my past videos, purified water normally shows up when it comes to pH as acidic.

Combine that with the fact that this has acids in it, this water's gonna show up despite this saying a pH of eight.

 It's probably gonna show up acidic, okay? Last but not least, the other test I normally do is one one superior your hydration.

I wanna make sure the water's actually small enough to help us on a cellular level. And I do that with a visual demonstration.

I can't visually show anything in this Blk Water Review when everything's showing black, okay? So for those of you who requested it, here it is, it's done.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do the full review that I normally do.

However, if this is not the water you drink, and you're curious on other waters I've tested, feel free to subscribe so you can check out those other videos.

 And if you're curious about an antioxidant-rich water, this is the one I recommend.

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