Body Armor PH Test…Is this the best water For Your Health?

Hey, what is going on? LaPrentiss Demond here, and in this video I'm gonna do a quick body armor ph test. 

Now, you're probably wondering about the pH of this, so, what we're gonna do is add a few pH drops, and if we see a red, or orange, or yellow, we know that it is acidic, green means that it's neutral. 

Body Armor Ph Test

If we see a blue, purple, or dark purple, that means it's alkaline, and if this shows up alkaline, I want tested to see how strong it is at battling back acidity. So, let me turn this, BODYARMOR, let's see what we get in this body armor ph test.

Body Armor Ph Test

 All right, so this is showing up around a nine, just like it says on the on the bottle, right? So, I want to see how strong it is that battling acidity, if it's truly alkaline, or if it's just pretending, all right?

Let's go ahead and blow into this, and see what we get. Wow. So that turned acidic really quick, which means there's something up with it, okay? This is not true alkaline waters.

Body Armor Ph Test

You want something that can actually battle-back that acidity, and so to see my full review on this water, and find out why it's this way, you wanna check out the link. It's either to my left, to my right, or check the down below in the comments, or in the description, all right?

I look forward to seeing you soon in this review, and I will see you in that video.

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