Body Armor Water Review…Is This The Best For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on? LaPrentiss Demond here, and today, I am doing body armor water review. Today, it is on BodyArmor Sports Wear, Sports Water, right? Let's go ahead and get this poured up, shall we? 

This is a big, popular, well, it's not super big, but it's becoming very popular, especially when I see UFC, this is the water I usually see them drinking, so it's getting sponsored a lot by a variety of athletes, and we are gonna be testing it against this electrolyzed reduced water.

Body Armor Water Review

1. Antioxidants

Nothing wrong with having a little competition for a water that's constantly in the UFC, right? So the very first thing we're gonna test this for is antioxidants.

Now, the reason why is because we want to consume more antioxidants, and what better way to receive those antioxidants than through our water, okay?

So we're gonna use the ORP meter here, which stands for Oxidative Reduction Potential, or the potential to reduce oxidation to see if we get a positive number, which means that it is oxidizing us, all right?

Which means creating rust, inflammation, disease, and it creates aging in our cells in our body, okay? However, if we see a negative number, that means is that anti-inflammatory, anti-aging beverage that's gonna keep us looking young and youthful, all right?

It's gonna help us fight off disease and infection. So let's see where BodyArmor water sits. Right, BodyArmor? Yep, BodyArmor. And it is a positive, +170. All right. Yep, about 180.

 Positive ORP

Yeah, so this is oxidizing us, okay, making us sicker, so if you're an athlete, and you're trying to drink the best, don't go. This looks like you shouldn't be going with the stuff that's being sponsored, right?

Ah, let's see, let's check out this electrolyzed reduced water and see how it does. And we are getting a -770, okay, so this is full of antioxidants.

Negative ORP

This is gonna help fight off, once again, that inflammation, which is any kind of -itis you're experiencing, so it's bronchitis, tendonitis, colitis, any kind, this is gonna help reduce that inflammation, all right? So there you have it.

There's our first test, and if we wanted to, we can just stop right there. That's the end of this round, right? That's the end of this fight, because this is harming us.


This is not something we want to be consuming. However, let's go ahead and take a look at the other two items we gotta check for, the second one being alkalinity.

All right, on to that second test, which is on alkalinity, and many of us know about this already thanks to all the bottled water marketing and advertising that's going on, because everything is alkaline, and pH, and all that stuff.

So we're gonna use these pH drops, put 'em in both of the waters, and see what color we get. If we get a red, or orange, or yellow, that means it's acidic and it's eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body.

However, if we see a blue, or purple, or dark purple, that means that it's alkaline, and it's actually gonna bow back and neutralize that acidity.

Green is neutral. Let's see how we do with BodyArmor. All right, so as we see here, BodyArmor says is a pH of nine plus. I don't know if that's a nine plus, you guys let me know in the comments, all right?

However, this electrolyzed reduced water is looking a little bit more on the purple side, so it's looking more of like a nine plus, okay? But this is alkaline, okay?

Ph Test

And so this is what they pride themselves on, effect, it says it at the front, "Alkaline water +9 pH," However, it's time to see how good it really is at fighting, and see if it can battle back against the acidity. Let's see if we can make it tap out.

So I'm gonna go ahead and blow into this, and see if it actually is strong enough to hold and fight back the acidity I'm putting into it, or if it is gonna tap out.

body armor water review

Let's see what happens in this body armor water review. Oh, that was quick. It tapped out, which is interesting. Let's see, looking at this... All right, so this is... "The only choice of your active lifestyle." All right, cool. This is reverse osmosis, okay?

So reverse osmosis was good water, and they wiped everything from it. It's the most aggressive form of water out there just because it's, once you wipe it of everything, it's like a blank slate, and that water's a scavenger, so it's looking for anything, and they add in here...

This is what makes it alkaline, by the way. They add in potassium bicarbonate, which is an alternative baking soda, pretty much, calcium chloride, which is a salt, and a magnesium chloride, which is another salt, and it says here... What?

Yep, so that's what it says, "Purified water "with electrolytes," okay? And it says "Proprietary electrolyte formula." Proprietary, like no one else has this.

Pretty sure if you look at any other alkaline bottled water, you're gonna see those same ingredients in there, so once again, do not let this marketing fool you, okay?

Let's go ahead and check out this electrolyzed reduced water and see if we can get the same thing to happen. All right, so I'm not getting the same thing to happen, so if these two were literally gonna fight, three rounds in the UFC, this wouldn't make it.

body armor water review

It would tap out, doesn't have the strength, doesn't have the power to last and have that endurance, right?

It's gonna run outta gas real quick, and that's vitally important, because we're consuming acidic stuff all the time, cookies, sweets, fried foods, pancakes, all these types of things that we're consuming, they're acidic, and so we need something to be able to bow back that acidity and last long term in a fight, not just a quick little thing like this thing did, all right?

There you have it in this body armor water review. Second test, alkalinity, trash. Let's go ahead and check out the third and final test, superior hydration.

3. Superior Hydration

All right, under that third and final test in this body armor water review, superior hydration, okay? And the best way to do this is with a tea bag.

We're gonna see if we can make tea using the water that we have here. Now, I know what you're probably thinking, you're like, "LaPrentiss, we have to boil the water "to make tea," and yeah, normally, you would have to do that, but why?

Why are we boiling the water? The reason why we're doing that is because we wanna make the water molecules small enough to be able to pass through the tea bag and actually make tea, but why don't we just drink water that's smaller, right?

Because we're drinking tons of water anyhow, and it shouldn't just sit in our stomach. Have you ever had that feeling, of that bloated feeling?

You know what I'm talking about. So I wanna see if this water that's great for all the athletes has that same problem or not. Let's check it out.

Yep, exactly what I'm talking about. Bag is just bloated. Let's go ahead and give it a few dunks, see if we can get this going.

body armor water review

All right, we're starting to get a little bit of tea. Awesome, yeah, it's providing us some tea, right? Not a lot, though. Maybe, I don't know, 10 or 15%?

Let's go ahead and try with this electrolyzed reduced water. Look at that, immediately starts making tea, and I know what you're probably thinking, you're like, "LaPrentiss, the bag was wet. "Try it one more time."

body armor water review

That's what I got these other two cups here for. Let's see what happens in this body armor water review. Let's give this BodyArmor water one more chance And it's doing about the same.

body armor water review

No real change, all right? Electrolyzed reduced water. Immediately starts making green tea, no problem. Okay, so this isn't really hydrating us. So there you have it.

It's not really doing the job, and I'm telling you right now, it's not because there wasn't tea in there, it's just that the water molecules are too big. It's not working right, okay?

body armor water review

So there you have it in this body armor water review. Let's go ahead and wrap up for the results of this water battle. All right, so we tested BodyArmor. We put it in a three-round fight against electrolyzed reduced water.

We tested for three specific properties. Round one was antioxidants, and we saw that this water was oxidizing, okay, against this water right here, which was the antioxidant, so the water goes to the ERW, electrolyze reduced water.

In round two, we tested for alkalinity, and while this started to look really good, once we actually threw it in the ring with some acidity, we saw that it just didn't have the endurance to last very long, and so it ended up showing up acidic behind once we got past the the showmanship, right?

So all this talk, but nothing to back it up. Last, we tested for superior hydration. Is this actually gonna hydrate the fighter when your times are getting tough? And we saw that it actually doesn't do a good job of it at all.

It falls in line with the same as any other bottled water, so what are we paying for? Looks like we're paying for the name. If you see it on UFC, you're probably getting it because they're advertising it.

That's probably the main reason why you're getting the water outside of it saying, "Alkaline water." So there you have it, I challenge you, if you really wanna see what good athletes are drinking, look up what Tom Brady's drinking, look up what Manny Pacquiao is drinking, look up, yeah, a few other different athletes like that.

See, just do a Google search, see what water they're drinking. I promise you it's not this, okay?

Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed this video, and if you care about the water that you're drinking, and care about the money you're spending, you wanna check out what I have for you coming up.

Thanks for checking this body armor water review, and I'll see you in the next test. I really hope you enjoyed it, and you learned a little something about the waters that we tested here today. Go ahead and check the whole video on this link.

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