Boxed Water Is Better Ph Test…Is This Acidic Or Alkaline?

Hey what's going on? This is LaPrentiss Demond, in today's test we are gonna do boxed water is better ph. So let's pour this up. 

Let's go ahead and add water in, and you guys already looked for a PH so we already know how this works. If we get a, red, orange, or a yellow, we know that this is acidic, and if we get a blue, purple, or dark purple, it is alkaline, and if it is alkaline,

I'm gonna go ahead and test the water by blowing into it. So this is an example of all the acidic foods that we're eating, seeing if it actually neutralizes the water.

Boxed Water Is Better Ph

Or actually, sorry, neutralizes the acidity. All right, let's go ahead and add in these drops, let's see what we get. 

All right, I don't know if you guys could see that, let me add a few more drops in. It is looking, acidic, slightly neutral, I don't know you guys tell me.

Boxed Water Is Better Ph

Looking slightly below neutral, maybe even acidic. And this is interesting water because it's boxed for one, and then it is purified water. 

But there is way more to this water than just the PH, so you wanna check out the full review, it is somewhere around me, above me, below me, to the left or right, check out that picture, of me doing a full review, you're gonna absolutely love it, thank you for checking this boxed water is better ph, and I will see you over there.

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