Core Hydration Water PH level; What is It?

Core Hydration Water pH Level; What is it?

In today's test, we are going to test the Core Hydration Water pH Level; What is it?

The pH test shows if the water we are testing is acidic or alkaline. Cancerous tissues cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The more alkaline our body is, the more capable it is to fight off disease and sickness. Acidic water is eating all the electrolytes and minerals that it comes into contact with. That means fewer good nutrients for us, meaning that our goal is to consume alkaline water. 

If you want to know more about this water, make sure you check out my full video review where I tested Core Hydration Water for 3 specific properties:

  • Antioxidants
  • Alkalinity
  • Superior Hydration

and find out if you should be drinking this water or not.

Let's go ahead and test the Core Hydration Water pH Level to see what it is!

core hydration water ph level what is it

Core Hydration Water pH Test

We're going to use phenol red indicator drops which will immediately change water’s color depending on if the water is in an alkaline or acidic state.

Red, orange, or yellow tones means that the water is acidic, green indicates neutral, while purple and blue colors test for alkaline state fluid.

core hydration water ph level what is it

It looks like Core Hydration Water has a pH level of around 7.4.

Unfortunately, this result is chemically altered and there is a way to prove that by blowing air through a straw.

core hydration water ph level what is it

As you see the pH of the water actually changed and the reason why is there's nothing in it that can fight off the oxidation produced by introducing an organic component from my breath. Inorganic minerals added to the water get burned off, and the color change showing waters’ true pH.

If you want to learn everything else about Core Hydration Water, and you want to try something that's better and improves your life quality, contact me, and do the best for your well-being! 

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