Core Hydration Water Reviews: Results That Will Blow Your Mind!

Core Hydration Water Reviews: Results That Will Blow Your Mind!

Today we're doing the Core Hydration Water Reviews! We put this water to a 3 tests challenge to see if it's worth purchasing or not. To begin, we're going to look at this water for three specific properties:

  • Antioxidants
  • Alkalinity
  • Superior Hydration
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    Core Hydration Water Reviews Test
    #1: Antioxidants

    You are surrounded by free radicals that are found in the air,  electronics, even in the food that we eat. Free radicals are responsible for cellular disbalance and oxidation. They cause the once healthy cell to become inflamed which results in the cells' inability to release the bad content and to take in the necessary nutrients. 

    The end result of this cell inflammation is all the known health issues and diseases. 

    To visualize cell oxidation take a look at the photo of this banana. That's oxidation in real-time.

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    That's what's happening to your body. Luckily we know about the antioxidants. And thanks to those compounds - we stand a chance. 

    How antioxidants work and where to get them?

    Essentially, antioxidants are the fountain of youth that neutralize oxidation, prevent inflammation, and keep your cells happy and healthy.

    You can find them in:

  • Fruits: Grapes, berries, pomegranate, kiwi, apricot, prune, pear, banana...
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, ginger, artichoke, garlic, cilantro, asparagus…
  • Vitamins: A, C, E
  • You should find them (but usually don't) in your water. Water absorbs easier into our bodies and delivers good nutrients directly to your bloodstream, while food produces ash which has oxidative nature.

    Antioxidants are negatively charged. So how do we check if our water contains antioxidants? We're gonna use an ORP meter (Oxidation-reduction potential) which uses a scale from negative values to positive while the negative value indicates health gains, and positive stands for more oxidation, therefore - unhealthy results. 

    Oxidation-reduction test

    So we're going to review Core Hydration Water against our favorite - electrolyzed reduced water, to find out which one is better for your body.

    For example, if we inserted our instrument into an orange, the value would stand in the -50 area, which leans towards the healthy side of the scale.

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    That's why when you get sick you stay home and take a lot of vitamin C. Get it? Orange - Vitamin C? 🙂

    So, let's check the results of the Core Hydration Water!

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    As you can see, the results are in the +200's area which means that Core Hydration Water is creating oxidation.

    Now let's go ahead and test it versus our electrolyzes reduced water. Let's see if we get a positive number or a negative number.

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    As you can see, we have a negative number (-679) which is far on the healthy side of the scale!

    So, now we know that Core Hydration Water is oxidizing and by that - makes us sicker.  Do you want anything that's going to make you feel sick or increase your chances of getting cancer or cause any type of "itis" like bronchitis or tendonitis? Those diseases are caused on the cellular level by oxidation and inflammation.

    Core Hydration Water Reviews Test
    #2: Alkalinity

    Cancerous tissues cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The more alkaline our body is, the more capable it is to fight off disease and sickness.

    For this test, we're going to use pH drops to get the exact pH value of our two water contesters.

    We're gonna put a few drops in and if we see a red, orange, or yellow, that means that the water is acidic.

    Acidic water is eating all the electrolytes and minerals that it comes into contact with. That means fewer good nutrients for us.  

    Lack of those nutrients can cause diseases as: 

  • Eczema, 
  • Brittle bones - osteoporosis,
  • Harmful brain effect that can lead to Alzheimer's and other mental diseases. 
  • Acidity Test

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    If we see a blue, purple, dark purple, that means this water is alkaline providing us with those minerals that we need for sustaining our body and not taking it for itself as acidic water would. 

    Let's see what we got from our test!

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    As you see, graduation is showing a result in the 7-8 zone for the Core Hydration Water. In fact, it should be showing, by their calculations 7.4.

    Here's the thing. The result is chemically altered by adding minerals such as:

  • Calcium Chloride - Used to de-ice roads
  • Magnesium Chloride - Inorganic salt
  • Potassium Bicarbonate - Baking soda
  • You may say that this is something that is far-fetched, fishy, or forced. Fortunately, there is a way to prove the difference between something that's chemically altered versus something that's simply natural as it is.

    And it's done by blowing air through a straw. 

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    As you can see, the water changed color because there's nothing in it that can fight off the oxidation. 

    Now let’s try the other water and check if it’s gonna change color as well!

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    It stays the same.

    Why? Because it's not chemically altered and has the minerals that your body already has in it.

    Core Hydration Water Reviews Test
    #3: Superior Hydration

    The last thing we want to test is - superior hydration which is my favorite test of all. Why?

    I have a condition called Sickle cell anemia that requires me to drink water all the time to stay hydrated. I always felt dehydrated and I never knew why. Even less I knew that all waters are different. 

    Have you ever drunk a lot of water and tried to jump or run? You probably felt water moving inside your stomach and it made you sick. Well, that’s shouldn’t have happened because water is supposed to be absorbed into your body, and not sit there like a burden. 

    There is a simple test using a tea-bag to picture what I mean.

    Superior Hydration Test

    First, let's see how easily absorbed is the Core Hydration Water by putting a tea-bag into the cup. 

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    Nothing happened. 

    You may say “Well, the water has to be boiled!”.

    Why would you boil it? Why can’t we just pour the water and make tea? The water particles have to be small enough to pass through the tea-bag so it can pull out the nutrients. 

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    Now you’re probably thinking “You know what LaPrentiss, you cheated! The bag was already wet!” 

    Fair enough. So let me try this again with Core Hydration Water. 

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    And yes, there is a little bit of color change, but that’s just the residual from the prior step. 

    If you love cooking, and I really do, you probably use a lot of seasoning which isn’t always the healthiest choice. But what if you used just a little bit and got the same result? 

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    It’s going to provide you with the same flavor with fewer ingredients. So it will save your money, and make you look like a good chef. Awesome overall 🙂

    Core Hydration Water Reviews

    So, the Core Hydration Water isn’t really hydrating us at all. Because if you hydrate yourself with the right water, you'll start feeling the benefits much better. It seems that the Core Hydration Water felt better as well.


    We tested Core Hydration Water for 3 properties: 

    • ORP test proved that Core Hydration Water is creating oxidation,

    • pH test showed high acidity levels,

    • Poor "superior hydration" ability.

    That's why I highly recommend not drinking this water. 

    If you want something that's better, water that actually improves your health and life quality, contact me and do the best for your well-being!

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