Step 2: Setting Up Direct Deposit

Note: If you are receiving commissions via mail: 

• The mid-month commission check is mailed out within 3 business days of the 16th day of the current month. This check includes commissions for direct sales received on or before the 16th of the month.

• The commission Closing Date is the first business day following the last day of the month. The month-end commission check is mailed out within 10 business days of the Closing Date. This check includes commissions and bonuses, payments for direct sales, and downline sales made throughout the month.

Prepaid orders postmarked before or on the last day of the month and received no later than the Closing Date are included in the month’s commission.

Learn more about your commissions and how they are paid using the second link in the resources below.


Resource 1

Link To Submit Direct Deposit

Resource 2

PDF To Learn More About Commissions

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