Defy Water PH Test…Is Water Really Alkaline…or Acidic?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond. In this video, we are gonna dodefy water ph test. Okay? So you already know how these pH videos work. 

All right, I already know, you know how pH works. So we're gonna test this, okay? And we're gonna put in some pH drops.

Defy Water PH Test

If we see a red, a orange, or yellow, we know that this is acidic. However, in this defy water ph test, if we see blue, purple, or dark purple, we know it's alkaline. 

Defy Water PH Test

And with this saying 9.5 on it, if it is alkaline, I want to test it to make sure it can actually battle against acidity and actually be able to handle it.

So what am I gonna do? Blow into it and give it some acidity, to see if it's strong enough to take on the acidity that I provide it. Okay?

So with that being said, let's go ahead and check what we get for Defy water. Aw, snap B-A utiful, look at that beautiful hue. This is truly alkaline, or so it seems, right?

Let's go ahead and blow into it, and see if it actually maintains this color, or if it really just turns acidic, or just maybe a lesser version, right? Let's see what happens.

Defy Water PH Test

Oh, wow. There's the truth. Just as yellow as the label, right? So you're probably wondering like, "Whoa, what is going on with this water?" Right?

Well, guess what? I have a full review on Defy water. I'm telling you, it's gonna defy what you believe when it comes to this water. So you wanna check it out. 

You can check the defy water ph test video on this link

I have a link, a button somewhere up to the left, the right, above or below me. Click that, check out that review. You're gonna be blown away by it, and I will see you there.

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