Defy Water Review

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in today's video, we are gonna do a review on DEFY Water, all right? Here we go, hydrating humanity.

Let's go ahead and get this opened up. This is a new one. I just found this in stores, this isn't something people asked for. This was in stores as I was searching for the next bottled water to test. 

And this one is special; women-owned, Black-owned, veteran-owned. Oop. And it's saying it has alkaline. So we already know this is gonna be interesting water to test.

And we're gonna test it up, test it against our electrolyzed reduced water, okay? And the very first test we are gonna do is antioxidants.

First Test: Antioxidants

This is the most important one. 

Of course, antioxidants keep us looking youthful. They are anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.

That inflammation, that it is that we're experiencing, it's gonna help lower that. And it's essentially, yeah, a fountain of youth. Okay? 

And we're protecting against the opposite which is oxidizing things, okay? So that creates rust, inflammation, sickness, and disease in the body, okay? 

And so, when we test these waters we're gonna use an ORP meter. ORP stands for oxidative reduction potential, or the potential to reduce oxidation. 

Now, if we see a positive number, that means it's oxidizing, it's bad, okay? It's not great for our health. However, if we see a negative number, that means it's an antioxidant. All right?

That's what we're looking for. Let's go ahead and check out DEFY Water and see how it does.

defy water review

All right, we are seeing 148. 150. It's still going up 'cause even the air around us is oxidizing, okay? Yeah, it's going up. So this is not a strong antioxidant.

It's gonna actually help us age along a little bit more quickly, okay?

Let's go ahead and test our, or this electrolyzed reduced water to see if there's any difference.

Okay. All right, I see you. So we got a negative, looks like it's about to hit a negative 750. So this is a very strong antioxidant. It's like not just a negative of that, it's like a negative times like three or four or five.

I'm not good, I'm not gonna at the math, but it is a very strong antioxidant. It is steadily going down, right? So it's getting stronger as an antioxidant as opposed to DEFY Water.

Okay? Now, looking at that, already, we shouldn't be drinking this. It's oxidizing us, it's creating rust and inflammation in the body. We should stay away from it.

However, we have other things we wanna look at as well. So let's go ahead and take a look at our next test.

Second Test: Alkalinity

All right, onto our second test. This one's all about alkalinity. And we all know that sickness, and disease cannot thrive in the alkaline environment, okay? They prefer acidic environments.

So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna use pH drops and see what we get when we put 'em in both of these waters.

If we get a red or orange or yellow, just know that it is acidic. It's actually eating minerals and electrolytes in our body, okay?

If we see a blue or purple or dark purple, it's neutralizing acidity that we consume and keeping that alkalinity, specifically in our blood stabilized, okay? Let's see what we get with DEFY Water.

Ooh, interesting. So one's a little blue on my end, on my side, you guys probably see dark purple on your side. I see blue and purple. Blue, purple. But really close. It looks really close.

All right, so when this happens, when we test something we find that has alkaline, I wanna test it. I wanna see how strong it is at battling acidity. And the best way to do that is I'm going to use my stink breath, okay?

So I'm gonna blow into both of these. And this is gonna represent all the acidic stuff that we're assuming day in and day out. The cookies, the ice creams, the waffles, all that type of stuff, okay?

 We want to neutralize all that acidity, okay? If not, this is gonna lead to a lot of health challenges down the road because our blood is going to start taking those electrolytes from us, and we don't want that, okay?

 So we gotta balance that stuff out and neutralize that acidity. With that being said, I'm gonna blow into DEFY, and if it changes color, it's not that strong of a alkaline water, okay? If it stays the same, we know it has some fight in it, okay?

Let's see what we get with DEFY Water.

defy water review

Oh, wow. It changed color, and it looks the same as the label, which is odd. So, this is really acidic. So let's take a look at this real quick.

Says right out front, "Purified water." So don't look at, don't worry about the fancy display and marketing. Look at what type of water it is, okay? This says that it's purified water with electrolytes and minerals, okay?

Purified means that they removed everything from it either using reverse osmosis or distill, okay? They removed all the minerals from it, making it a scavenger to begin with, and then they add in minerals to make it alkaline.

So this is chemically altered water. What else does it say? It's Black-owned, veteran-owned, woman-owned, DEFY Nation, 3 cents per bottles donated to support Black women and veteran charities.

And on the back it says "Purified water, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium bicarbonate." So we have salts here and a substitute for baking soda, okay? That's what is added to this to make it pure alkaline.

So this is looking a lot like, I don't know if you've seen the review I did on Essentia Water, this is just a different version of Essentia Water, okay? This is just a different brand of Essentia Water.

It's almost just about made the same way. And yeah, they donate the charities. So, overall though, they aren't donating towards your health. This is acidic. Okay?

Let's go ahead and check out this electrolyzed reduced water and see what happens. Maybe the same thing will happen, maybe it'll change. Let's find out.

defy water

My gosh, all right. Like it doesn't change, it doesn't. And the reason why is 'cause there's no chemicals added in this. We don't dump chemicals into this water, okay?

It is done electrically, okay? This is very different. This is structured differently, and it's a byproduct of what's naturally already in the water. We are adding things to it, okay?

So there's our second test on DEFY Water on alkalinity, and we see that deep down, it's defying it's truth, it's really acidic. Let's go ahead and hop into our next test.


Third Test: Superior Hydration

Alrighty, onto our third and final test, which is on alkalinity, okay? And in order to do, no, not alkalinity, superior hydration, okay?

And the main reason to this is we wanna make sure that we're getting actually hydrated. There's plenty of times, you may have been there, where we drink water. Like, "Why is my mouth still dry? Why am I still feeling thirsty?"

 It's because the water isn't really hydrating us. It's really just sitting in our stomach, and it's being treated like food, okay? Best way we're gonna test that out is by making tea, all right?

And the plan is the water should be small enough to actually pass through our cells, the phospholipid bilayer, to actually bring in nutrients, fire up the mitochondria, give us energy, bring in that nutrients, and also push out the waste, the stuff that doesn't belong in us all, all that waste that we gotta get rid of, okay?

This tea bag is that cell that we're trying to get water into. Let's see what happens with DEFY Water.

defy water review

Alrighty. We should, all right, we get some tea. We had to do a little jumping up and down, but we're able to get some tea. But it doesn't look that good. I mean, it don't look like a tea I would drink, right? It looks like a tea lite.

Let's go ahead and try it with this electrolyzed reduced water. Look at that, much darker, much darker than that one and actually hydrates you more. So take a look at that.

defy water

You're probably thinking, "LaPrentiss, you cheated," or, "One, I'm blown away, but you cheated, the bag was wet." I'm like, "You know what? Let's test it out one more time."

Try this DEFY Water and see if it, maybe it gets a little bit darker, all right?

defy water reviews

No. Oh. Doesn't look like it's doing it. Man, so I don't know. I was saying this is like Essentia, but Essentia, I think if I remember correctly, it actually came out darker than this. So this is like a weaker version of Essentia Water, right?

So just to see, make sure it wasn't a trick or a double take or anything. A stunt double.

Now look at that. This is just darker. A much better version of tea. Like, this is the tea I want to drink. If I'm drinking tea, this is the one I would drink, okay? And it's simply because it's better at hydrating.

It's actually much smaller water, more to water is smaller to actually able to pull out that tea, okay?

So just think about it. If you are taking supplements for working out, from getting them gains, if you're cooking, you don't need all those ingredients, you don't need all those supplements. Just a little bit.

 And the right water will help it get to where it needs to go in your body, whether that's in your blood, whether that's to your muscles, wherever you need it, 'cause it's the right water that's gonna make that happen.

defy water review

Ooh, look how dark that get. It's clearly a difference in the water, okay? One other thing I wanna share about this is, this is ionized, okay?

So, expect future waters, like bottled waters of the future, to all be ionized, okay? Now ionization is, I would say, the next step up to, for bottled waters, that would be the next best thing, right?

Because all of 'em, when they're ionized, they're actually making the water smaller, and it's gonna do a little bit of hydrating, it's gonna do a little bit better job of hydrating.

The problem though is it's still oxidizing, and it's still going to be acidic because they're gonna remove all the minerals from it, all the natural minerals, and they're gonna sprinkle in artificial stuff. It's not gonna be great for us.

But just to give you a heads up, this is, I see this being the future of bottled waters, all right? But it's not gonna be good by the time it gets to us, okay? So just keep that in mind.

Let's go ahead and wrap up this review on DEFY Water.

Conclusion: DEFY Water Review

Alrighty, for our recap, DEFY Water, we tested it for three specific things.

First one was antioxidants, and we saw that this water was oxidizing us, which means from the jump, not good for us. No bueno, okay?

But we still tested it anyhow for the second test, which was on alkalinity, and we saw that even though it appeared at 9.5, when we actually gave it some acidity to try to neutralize, balance back, it wasn't able to hold up, okay?

It ended up becoming really acidic, and that's because it's a purified water with minerals added to it, okay? So it's chemically altered water, but you can take your tap water, add baking soda to it and make the same thing.

 And that's essentially what they did here, baking soda and salt.

Okay, last but not least, we tested it for superior hydration, and it hydrates a little bit, right? But when you add the right water, you can actually hydrate much, much better, okay?

So I wouldn't say it's on the same part as your regular bottled water. It's about 10 to 15%.

So there you have it. There's our  DEFY Water review. Let me know what you thinks in the comments below. If there's a water you want me to test(or if you want me to do another Defy Water review), also let me know that in the comments below.

And if you are serious about drinking the best water for your health while saving money, while helping the environment, and enables you to give and donate to Black women and veterans, you can do that without buying trash water, okay? 

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

If you want something that's better, water that actually improves your health and life quality, contact me and do the best for your well-being!

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