Does Tap Water Have Electrolytes

In today’s review, we’re gonna find out does tap water have electrolytes!

Electrolytes are the minerals  essential for the health of our bodies. For example, the water stripped of minerals, like distilled water, has none. In the distillation process, the water is heated, evaporated, and the minerals are left behind.

If we do a simple test using an LED light, we’re gonna see that the light will not go on when we insert the probes in distilled water. 

does tap water have electrolytes

As expected, nothing happens. Distilled water simply doesn’t have needed electrolytes and minerals that can close the electric circle, and that’s why nothing happens.

For that reason, you shouldn’t be drinking such water. This water is made for industrial use, machinery, irons, and humidifiers. Not drinking!

But does the regular tap water has some minerals in it? Let’s see:

does tap water have electrolytes

The light went on! So yes, there are electrolytes in our tap water.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you should drink tap water. Our regular tap water is full of other chemicals and carcinogens that lead to cancer and other diseases.

In fact, if you are drinking tap water, your chance of getting cancer is 93% higher!

If you don’t know what’s inside you tap water, now you can check by visiting EWG's Tap Water Database and see what’s the water like in your neighborhood.

By simply entering your ZIP code, you can see all the different things that are in your tap water.

Thankfully, by filtering our tap water, and doing some extra steps that we can talk about privately, we can get our tap water to be good, and in the end - a cheaper and healthier alternative to bottled water.


Does Tap Water Have Electrolytes?

Yes, it does, but they are covered in a bunch of chemicals that are bad for our health.

And for that reason, you don’t really want to be drinking it unless you have to. 

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

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