Essentia Water Review…Is this the best water For Your Health?

Hey, what is going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in today's video we're gonna do essentia water review, okay? With that being said, let's go ahead and get this poured up.

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And if you're not new, then you're probably thinking like, "How did he go this long? testing every other water, except everybody's favorite," right?

Man, I don't know, I don't know how it slipped my mind, okay, but we're gonna test it out today. And we're gonna be testing it against this electrolyzed reduced water, okay?

1. Essentia Water Review: Antioxidants

Just for a little comparison. All right, so the first thing that we are testing this for is antioxidants.

Now, this is the most important test and the reason why is because there are things all around us that create oxidation and inflammation in our cells, and those two things are linked to every single health disease known demand.

So oxidation leads to rust, aging, and dis-ease in the body, okay? So we wanna consume antioxidants. These are your fruits, your vegetables, your vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E.

They give our cells that are struggling extra electrons, which is gonna lower that oxidation, reduce that inflammation, and keep us looking young and youthful, right?

So we're gonna use an ORP meter to test this. If we see a positive number, that means this is oxidizing us and creating more rust in aging in the body.

However, if we see a negative number, that means it is a strong, strong antioxidant. So with that being said, let's see how Essentia Water does.

You see, it even started changing 'cause of my breath, okay, so let's see what we get here. All right, so it's coming down.

It is a positive number though, check that out. but yeah, it's about a 163, okay, and it looks like it may be slowly going down but, yeah, it's around a 160, okay, so this is oxidizing us.

ORP Test

Keep that in mind. Let's go ahead and check out the electrolyzed reduced water and see what we get there.

Oh, wow, look at that, it's a negative number, so we got negative, looks like 745, okay, so this is a very strong antioxidant.

ORP Test

Put it in perspective, a orange is like a -50 on the ORP, and so this is essentially eating like almost 15 oranges in one sip, okay, so just keep that mind. It's really, really strong antioxidant.

Now that we did that test and we already see that's oxidizing, we know that this isn't really that great for us, okay, but let's go ahead and check out a few more tests with this Essentia Water.

2. Essentia Water Review: Alkalinity

Alrighty, onto our second test, which is on alkalinity, okay? We want to ensure that our blood remains slightly alkaline, okay, so about 7.365.

And the reason why is because our blood, for one, it's 80% water, okay, it's about 75, 80% water. And so it is a fantastic vehicle for getting nutrients in and around the body, okay,

and those nutrients that we're providing it, it should be alkaline, it should be your alkaline minerals, right, so your potassium, your magnesium, your sodium, all those types of minerals we should be having our blood carry it all around to the different parts. 

If not, our blood's still gonna do that but it's just gonna start taking it from us, okay, so it's gonna start taking those minerals from our skin and the is where our skin gets crunchy and ashy, right?

If we continue, it's gonna start taking it from our bones, and our joints and our ligaments.

This is how we start popping when we wake up, not popping and lockin' but popping from just the bones being brittle, right?

Osteoporosis can happen and even Alzheimer's, if it gets too bad. So what we're consuming, a lot of stuff is acidic, okay?

We wanna balance it out with something alkaline, and what we're gonna do here is we're gonna use pH drops, and if we get a red or orange or yellow,

we know that this is acidic and ultimately forcing us to grab minerals and leach minerals from our own body to keep our blood thriving, okay?

 If we see a blue or purple or a dark purple, that means it's alkaline, green is neutral. So let's see what we get here with Essentia Water.

Alrighty, both of these are showing up alkaline.

Ph Test

Oh no, so how do you know which one is good, if it's actually genuinely good for us or not, okay? And the best way to know, because the whole reason why we're drinking this is to neutralize acidity, okay?

To bring balance to our body, to bring balance to our blood and neutralize acidity. So the best way to test it is to give it some acidity.

If it's strong enough, it's actually gonna maintain and it's gonna actually battle back all the acidity, okay?

So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna blow into these, and, once again, if it changes color that means it's not really that strong at battling a acidity, all the cookies,

cakes and ice creams, the french fries, all that type of stuff, we gotta neutralize that stuff that we're consuming, right? However, if it stays the same,

that means it's strong, that means it's strong, it has a fight within it, right, it's gonna help neutralize that acidity and actually keep our blood healthy, okay?

So let's see what we get here with Essentia Water. Oh, wow, so you turn yellow. Okay, so we see that this is really acidic once you get past the stuff that's in here, right?

Essentia Water Review

So let's take a look at this. This is purified water by reverse osmosis. A lot of bottled waters will say purified but they won't tell you how they do it.

So this one, they at least tell you that's reverse osmosis, which means they rip out everything, the good minerals and the not good stuff, right?

And then it looks like they're adding their own stuff in here, so sodium bicarbonate, which is essentially baking soda, dead potassium phosphate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chlorides.

And these are marked as electrolytes for taste, they aren't even there to bring any benefit, any real health benefit, they're there for taste, so the wire doesn't taste disgusting when you're drinking it.

Okay, so those are the things that's in this, and we'll talk about the extra thing that makes this one special during our next test, okay?

But, ultimately, once you get past the salts and the baking sodas that's in here, it's reverse osmosis water and it's really acidic, okay?

And actually consuming too much alkaline water that's chemically altered, can lead to alkalosis.

Look that up, look up what alkalosis is, and you're gonna be amazed at what we're doing when we're constantly consuming alkaline waters.

With that being said, we do gotta test this one too, right? So let's see what happens with this electrolytes reduced water. Okay, all right. All right, it doesn't change, okay?

Essentia Water Review

It doesn't change, and the reason why is because it's not chemically altered, we aren't adding baking sodas, we're not adding salts to this water.

That's not what's in here, this is done electrically, okay, it's very different thing, okay. So with that being said, our second test at alkalinity, while this showed like it was a nine, maybe a 10 even, it says 9.5 here, all right?

So while it says 9.5 , it's not really a 9.5 it's really lower than that, 'cause once you get past all that chemical stuff that does us more harm than good, it's essentially not good for us.

3. Essentia Water Review: Superior Hydration

All right, let's move on to our next test. Alrighty, onto our third and final test. This one I like to call superior hydration.

And pretty much what this involves is making sure our water is actually able to hydrate us at a cellular level.

I'm not talking about we just drinking and it just sits in our stomach, I'm talking about actually going to work, hydrating us,

which in turn brings those minerals that we were talking about earlier and pushes out waste through our lymphatic system, that way we can go ahead and get rid of that waste,

 that oxidative waste, all the stuff that's in us, push all that out so we can start feeling better, okay?

And the best way for us to do that here, besides opening someone up, is we are going to make tea, okay?

Essentia water review

And this is gonna represent us dehydrated, right, whether we're trying to hydrate our cells or just our body in general, we're gonna see if we can make tea.

And the premise is, if the water is the right size, yes, there's different sized water, that will actually be able to have the water pass through the tea bag and make tea, okay?

I know you're probably thinking, you're like, "LaPrentiss, we have to boil the water." Why though?

We're boiling it, though, because when we heat it up it's gonna get smaller, it's gonna break up, and actually able to do the job that we were showing before of passing through that tea bag.

So let's see if we can do it cold. Here we are, we're gonna start off with our Essentia Water. All right, so we're gonna give this a few jumps, one.

Essentia Water Review

Yeah, and we're able to make some tea. That's awesome, right? That's pretty good. Let's go ahead and check out this electrolyzed reduced water.

All right, we are also able to make tea with this water. And they're about the same. I dunno, let me know what you guys think, if there's one that's lighter or one that's darker.

Essentia Water Review

This looks a little darker but I think they're about the same. And so the reason why this is one of the few waters that people actually like, is because of this thing on the back known as ionization.

They actually ionize the water, which in turn makes it smaller, smaller clusters, and it's actually able to hydrate and make tea, okay?

This is one of the few reasons why people like this water, okay? They don't necessarily understand what that means but, yeah, ionization is what's making that happen.

But let's go ahead and try it one more time. Yeah, so it does make tea, look at that.

Essentia Water Review

See, that ionization, it plays a very big role, this is different than your other bottled waters because, I'm not gonna lie, those other waters, they're in clusters.

So picture grapes and just trying to break, which actually I think have some behind me. Picture a big old vine of grapes, right?

If you wanted to get 'em into this bottle you're not gonna just dump the whole vine in there, you gotta do it one at a time by plucking them, okay? So here we are.

Essentia Water Review

Both of these work equally well but if you ask me, the difference goes back to our last two tests, okay?

So while this looks like it's great for hydrating us, I believe it does a great job, unfortunately, there's two other tests that we did earlier that makes this water okay but not that great, okay?

So there you have it, there is my review on Essentia Water. Let's go ahead and do a quick recap. All right, so the first thing we tested for was antioxidants.

And we saw that this water here is oxidizing us, which means it's creating more aging and dis-ease in the body.

The second thing we tested for was alkalinity, and while it does show a 9.5 initially, ultimately, it's filled with stuff in there that chemically alters the water, ultimately, leading to alkalosis and, in truth, it really is acidic.

Last but not least, we checked for superior hydration and this is one of the things that people love about 'cause they're like, "Oh, my gosh, this one feels good." And it's because they ionize the water and it actually does a good job at doing that cellular hydration.

Unfortunately, it's oxidizing us and, unfortunately, it's really acidic. So would I recommend it? 

No, I can't because I want something that's gonna do all three things, kinda like a different water, all right. Anyways, that concludes this review, hopefully you enjoyed this video.

If you enjoyed it let me know when the comments below, give it a thumbs up. Let me know what water you want me to test next, and if you're serious about changing your water and looking for the best, improving your health and saving money, check out what I have for you coming up.

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