Evamor Water Review…Is this the best water For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in today's video we are gonna do evamor water review, I don't know how you say this, evamor, evamor artesian water, all right.

And we're gonna put it to the test against our electrolyzed, reduced water, all right. Let's go ahead and get this poured up. I like this bottle, this bottle is big.

The cap is big, everything's like, a little bit larger. It's easier to digest, or I guess consume, rather. I don't know about digest, we'll find that out here soon.

Gotta make sure you guys can see that. And actually, the reason why I'm reviewing this one is 'cause someone in the comments asked for me to review it. So shout out to you.

Let's go ahead and check it out. Now we're gonna test this water for three specific properties. The first one is antioxidants, the second one is alkalinity, and the third is superior hydration. 

1. Evamor Water Review: Antioxidants

So let's go ahead and get started with that first one in this evamor water review, antioxidants. This one is the most important test.

And the reason why is because there are all these things around us known as free radicals, and they are taking the electrons from our healthy cells, and it's creating oxidation and inflammation in the body.

And those two things are linked to every single health disease known to man. So we want to consume antioxidants.These are your fruits, your vegetables, your vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E.

These things are actually bringing balance to the cells, give 'em the electrons that they need, which is gonna lower that oxidation, reduce that inflammation, which is like that swelling, and it's gonna essentially be the fountain of youth.

So if it's oxidizing, we're gonna test these waters real quick using in this ORP meter. And if we get a positive number, that means it is oxidizing us, it's creating more sickness and dis-ease in the body. All right?

If we see a negative number, that means it is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it's gonna keep you looking young, and feeling good. Let's turn this joker on.

Let's see how evamor water does. I don't know if it's French, I don't know if it's Italian. I don't know . All right, so this is going up. It is showing at 211, 218, actually 220.

Positive ORP

It is constantly going up, and the reason why is 'cause even the air around us is oxidizing too, right? So it's still going up.

It's going up 230, if I let it sit here it could probably get up to like 260, 270, right? So there you have, it is oxidizing. It is not helping us as far as being an antioxidant.

Let's go ahead and check out this electrolyzed reduced water in this evamor water review. See what we get. And look at that, we have a negative, a negative 792, see that dash.

Negative ORP

That is a very, very strong antioxidant, all right. So there you have it, the first test is knocked out and this thing is already bad for us, it's oxidizing us.

Why would we drink something that is creating more sickness and dis-ease in the body? So if you're drinking this for health, it's not doing you any good.

Regardless, let's go ahead and check out the other two tests in this review.

2. Evamor Water Review: Alkalinity

All right, on to that second test in this evamor water review which is on alkalinity, and we want to consume something that's slightly alkaline.

Our blood must maintain a 7.365 and it's going to do that, okay? No matter how many sick things we consume, it's going to do it, but it's gonna start taking it from us.

Our blood is gonna start robbing us of our nutrients to maintain that balance. So it is wise of us to consume things that are alkaline to help our blood out and maintain that balance so we don't become too acidic, all right?

So what we're gonna do here is we're gonna use pH drops and we're gonna put 'em in each of these beverages.

If we get a red or orange or a yellow, that means is acidic and is actually playing a part in eating the minerals and electrolytes that are in our body.

If we see a blue, or purple, or dark purple, that means that it's alkaline and it's helping neutralize that acidity that we get in our body from eating all that delicious tasting stuff, all right.

Let's see what we get. Boom. And it looks like evamor is blue. It's looking like an eight, right?

Ph Test

And it says on the bottle that it's supposed to be between, supposed to be between an 8.8 and 9.1. And any time I see that something is alkaline, I want to test it out.

I wanna make sure that it actually can battle acidity. So I have myself a straw and I'm gonna put my acidity, AKA my stink breath, into this water, and see if it can actually battle it or if it's gonna reveal itself and show its true colors.

Let's see what we get. Okay, all right, so it shows up neutral, a little less than neutral, maybe like a six-ish, right?

Blow Test

So it does battle back a little acidity, but it shows up slightly below neutral. So I don't think, despite all the stuff that we eat, we eat ribs, we eat fried chicken, french fries, all those kinds of things.

This isn't gonna be able to battle it back too well, right? So you're gonna want something with a higher alkalinity that could actually maintain it for longer.

Let's go ahead and check out this electrolyzed reduced water and see if it changes any. All right, it's not changing. All right?

Evamor Water Review

The reason why, ah, well, because this is made different, okay? It's not made the same way like this is made. So, there you have it.

In this test, we saw that evamor water, it is alkaline, but when we actually put it against some acidity, it actually falls a little bit below neutral and neutral isn't gonna hack it with all the stuff that we consume. All right?

3. Evamor Water Review: Superior Hydration

So let's go ahead and move on to our third and final test, superior hydration.

By the way, if you're curious about this water and wanna learn how to have this in the comfort of your home, feel free to check out the link at the description portion of this video or the link that's pinned in the comment section to learn more, all right.

Now let's go ahead and do our third and final test in this evamor water review on superior hydration. In order to do that, we're gonna make some tea.

Lipton Tea

And what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to make tea. And the reason why is because we want to ensure that our water is actually getting absorbed into our body, and not just clunk-clunk, and just sitting in our gut, okay?

We wanna actually feel hydrated. We don't want our mouth or our tongue to be dry and wondering like are we actually like, "I drank all this water, why am I not getting hydrated?"

Okay? So let's see what happens when we try evamor. All right, yeah, we're getting some tea. That's what's up, we're getting some tea pretty quick too, which is awesome.

Evamor Water Review

All right, so looking at that, this is about as dark as it's getting, right? I'll give it a few more drips, all right. Let's go ahead and check out this electrolyzed reduce water.

All right, I don't know if you could tell, I don't know if you can see a difference, but this looks darker to me, and it happens, yeah, at about the same rate, a little bit quicker, right?

Evamor Water Review

But let's go ahead and do this one more time. We're gonna go ahead and use evamor. Actually, let me try something real quick. Let's do, let's do this. We'll put a little bit here.

All right? And we'll put a little bit here. I wanna make sure you're both even. Fill up that first one. All right, let's see if this changes anything.

All right, let's get rid of the tea bag, right? And let's see what happens with evamor. Fill it all the way up. Okay, so it shows a little something, right, Maybe? Maybe.

Evamor Water Review

We'll see how this does. There we go. There's a clear difference on who the winner is here, right? So that makes it a little bit better and apparent to see what's happening.

Because this water is actually smaller. It's actually able to hydrate and bring out the polyphenols that is in that tea much stronger. All right, there you have it.

Evamor Water Review

There is our review on evamor water. A quick recap. So first thing we tested for was antioxidants and we saw that this water's oxidizing us, okay?

It's creating more sickness and dis-ease in the body. Second thing we tested for was alkalinity and while it appears alkaline in the beginning, all the stuff that we consume and eat, it's not gonna be able to handle it.

If you are on a plant-based diet, sure, yeah, you can probably work with this 'cause there's not as much acidity as the traditional foods that we eat.

However, if you're eating like the normal American, it's not gonna cut it, you want something stronger.

Third, we tested for was superior hydration and it does hydrate a little bit maybe 5 or 10%, but it's not enough, right? So most of that water is just gonna sit in your stomach.

You want it to absorb, you want it to actually start hydrating you and pushing out the waste and actually providing nutrients that your cells and your body needs. All right?

There you have it. That is the review on evamor artesian water. 

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