Fiji Water vs Nestle Pure Life

Today we will test two water brands: Fiji Water vs. Nestle Pure Life.

We will try to find out the answer to the question of which water is better for your health.

Fiji Water is advertised as “Earth’s finest water” that comes from Fiji Island, while Nestle Pure Life Water is popular water that many users say tastes great.

1. Test - Antioxidants

The first test we will do is for - antioxidants.

Why antioxidants?

Well because they will help us fight free radicals.

And what are free radicals?

In short, free radicals steal electrons from our healthy cells, and by that create cellular inflammation and oxidation. They are found everywhere, in our food, drink, air, even in the electronics we use.

So how do we stop them?

We already mentioned antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving away their own electron. This keeps our cells healthy and able to normally perform functions.

To test if these water brands have antioxidative properties, we’re going to use an ORP meter.

ORP Meter

ORP meter measures oxidation-reduction potential, meaning that if we see a positive number, the water is creating oxidation and inflammation.

On the other hand, a negative number would mean that water is good for us.

Let’s start with Fiji:

fiji water vs nestle pure life

Fiji Water shows a big positive number. Not the best news for Fiji.

And what about Nestle Pure Life?

fiji water vs nestle pure life

So both of these brands are creating oxidation, inflammation, and make us sicker. 

But is there water that shows a negative value? 

fiji water vs nestle pure life

Actually yes! As you can see, this mystery water scored a negative value of -770! This water is reducing oxidation, inflammation, and keeps us healthier!

2. Test - Alkalinity

Cancer, sickness, and disease can not survive in an alkaline environment.

That’s a pretty good reason why we should stay away from acidic, and drink alkaline water.

But are Fiji Water vs Nestle Pure Life Water acidic? Are they bad for our health? Will they eat all the nutrients and minerals from our body?

Let’s find out!

We are going to use some indicator drops that will cause water to change color. If our water gets blue, light purple, or dark purple, that's a sign of alkalinity.

Yellow, orange, and red colors indicate acidic water, and we don’t want that!

fiji water vs nestle pure life

Fiji Water is somewhere between neutral and alkaline, while Nestle Pure Life water came up as acidic. The mystery water that I’m drinking tested out completely alkaline.

Following the results of this test, I definitely recommend that you do not drink Nestle Pure Life Water. This water will cause you health problems, and a number of diseases that can negatively affect your quality of life.

Next Test!

3. Test - Superior Hydration

When you drink a large amount of water, do you feel bloated? Do you feel much heavier?

That’s exactly what bad water does to you.

Good water should absorb into your body as you’re drinking it. It should hydrate you instantly, and not sit in your stomach.

Water molecules should be small enough to penetrate our cells, expel cellular waste, and bring in the nutrients we need to function.

Just imagine a wire fence. If we throw a beach ball, it won't go through the fence. But if we throw a marble, it will pass without any problems.

That’s what’s happening in our bodies. The wire fence represents cellular walls, and beach ball and marble two different types of water.

That being said, let’s test these two brands! We’re going to use a teabag to see if the water can enter the teabag, take out the nutrients, and make tea. 

fiji water vs nestle pure life

As you can see, both waters weren’t able to make tea, meaning they are not hydrating us as much as they are supposed to.

And what about magical mystery water?

Well, see for yourself!

electrolyzed reduced water

This water made tea instantly! 


Unfortunately, both of these brands are oxidizing. As I already said, oxidation leads to cellular inflammation which manifests in number of diseases. So, no real winner here!

Fiji Water did better in second test than Nestle Pure Life water. However, although it is alkaline, it's definitely not as alkaline as it should be. But, to be fair, it did better than Nestle Pure Life which tested out as acidic.

And the last test, Superior Hydration, was a draw. None of these waters is good at hydrating us.

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

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