Flow Water Review…Is This Water Good For Our Health?

Hey everybody, what is going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond and I help those with severe inflammation naturally beat the swelling, pain, and energy drain so they can live their best life. Today, we are doing flow water review and we're gonna see how good this is for three specific things. First one is antioxidants, the second is alkalinity, and third, I like to call superior hydration.

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It will help you learn about the waters that we're currently drinking, how they affect our health, and help you find the best water for you. All right, let's go ahead and get this poured up, shall we? All right, so this has a nice fancy little, little setup here.

This is like a a carbon box, has a nice little cap that's kind of fancy. And we are going to test this against our electrolyzed reduced water.

1. Flow Water Review: Antioxidants

And the first thing we're gonna test for is antioxidants. This is by far the most important thing because we have all these things around us known as free radicals.

They are everywhere. They're in the foods that we eat, they're in the air, they're in our electronics. And what they do is they come in and they take electrons from our healthy cells. And when that happens, that creates oxidation and inflammation in our cells.

And that, those two things right there keep creating this vicious cycle and is linked in every single health disease known in a man. Any type of itis you're experiencing, that's, itis is inflammation.

You can go and Google that and you just type in dash itis it'll say inflammation of, right?

And so if you're experiencing any of that, you want to consume things that are antioxidants, your fruits, your vegetables, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C. And the reason why is 'cause they give out those extra electrons to those struggling cells so they can lower that oxidation, reduce that inflammation, and it actually is a great anti-aging thing.

So if you ladies want to stay looking young forever, antioxidants is the way to go. So what we got here is a ORP meter.

This is the thing that fell almost earlier that I luckily caught and this test for oxidation. So if we see a positive number, it is oxidizing us, creating more stress, inflammation, and dis-ease in the body.

However, we see a negative number in this flow water review, that means it's an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging beverage and is something that we're gonna absolutely love.

Our body is gonna love us for it. So with that being said, let's see what we get with Flow Water. What we got? We are seeing 223, 226, and it is shooting up pretty quick.

Positive OPR Test

I don't know if you guys can see that. 237, 238, 239, 240. And the reason why it's going up more is because it's coming into contact with air and it's becoming even more oxidizing.

So let's take a look at the electrolyzed reduced water and let's see what we get here. What do we get today? Today we have a 794, a negative 794, check that dash out, right?

Negative OPR Test

So this is full of antioxidants and it's gonna actually help you when it comes to reducing that inflammation, staying young, right?

So believe me, I don't know how long, how young you guys think I am, but I don't, definitely don't look at my age, right? And so we're at a negative 800 here.

So that shows you in this flow water review antioxidants and as we can see already Flow is oxidizing us. It is gonna create aging in the body and more inflammation. So it's not something I recommend consuming, but that's just one of the three tests here.

It is the biggest one, but it's just one of the tests.

2.Flow Water Review: Alkalinity

So let me go ahead and jump to the second test in this flow water review, which is on alkalinity. Alright, y'all, onto that second test, which is on alkalinity.

And I'm over here doing this motion here because I wanna make sure I'm warmed up for this because we have two things when it comes to alkalinity and this is all involves pH.

We have things that we consume that are acidic, we have things that we consume are alkaline, okay?

Now our blood must maintain a 7.365 as far as a pH goes, which is slightly above neutral, slightly alkaline. And no matter what, our body is gonna do that, okay?

If we're consuming things that alkaline, it makes it easier, it's less work on the body for us to make that happen.

However, if we're constantly consuming things are acidic, alcohol, cigarettes, your sweets, your junk foods, things like that, then your blood is still gonna maintain it, it's just gonna start pulling the alkalinity from you, okay? It's gonna start pulling from your skin.

It's gonna start pulling from your bones and joints. This is why I'm over here playing around doing this motion because your joints will start hurting after a little bit and you'll start experiencing signs of osteoporosis.

Let this continue, it's gonna happen to our brain, we're gonna start getting Alzheimer's. It's gonna start taking the nutrients from there, the electrolytes.

So what we have here are pH drops. It's vitally important that we're consuming a beverage that is alkaline.

So if we see a red or orange or a yellow after I add these drops, it means it's acidic and it's eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body. However, we see a purple, a blue or purple or dark purple, it means it's alkaline.

Let's see what we get here. All right, so our Flow Alkaline Spring Water is around 8 looking and it says it right here, it's gonna be 8.1 at the source. And there it is right there.

Ph Test

And then our electrolyzed reduced water, it looks like around an in between a nine and a 10. All right?

So anytime when I see something alkaline, I wanna test it to make sure that is going to stay alkaline and can battle back all those delicious snacks and beverages that we eat, okay? So I wanna blow in it to see how much of the acidity it can actually handle.

And if it's actually alkaline, if it isn't, it will probably fake it for a little bit and then it'll change color. So let's see what happens while I do this with Flow Water.

flow water review

I dunno, did it change? I can't tell. Let me know the comments. It may not have changed. It looks like it changed a little bit, maybe to more of a neutral which is normal for alkaline, for a springwater, right?

So that's normal. I expect that. If it went straight yellow, I'm like, oh my gosh, this is, this is fake, they're adding stuff to it, but they aren't.

So this is a genuine springwater and it's sitting oh, seven, eight, somewhere in between there. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Let me go ahead in this flow water review and try the same thing with this electrolyzed reduced water. All right, so I cannot get this to change. So strong enough to actually battle back any of the acidity that I have here.

flow water review

This does do it as well. It's just, it starts to decline quicker and it ends up going back to neutral.

So if we're constantly consuming, I don't know, cookies, I'm just saying awesome things, but cookies and strawberry shortcakes and different things like that, it's going to, eventually, all those sweets and things that we're consuming are gonna take a toll that's stronger than the water that we're consuming, okay?

So I just want you to keep that in mind. This is definitely a great spring water, but for the things that we're consuming day in and day out in today's world, I don't think it's that good. It's good enough, all right?

3. Flow Water Review: Superior Hydration

But that is the second test on alkalinity. Let's go ahead and look at the third test in this flow water review, superior hydration. Alright, onto our third and final test on superior hydration. In order to show this one off, we are going to make tea, all right?

And the funny thing, or the scary thing is we're gonna make tea without boiling the water.

Now, the reason why we're doing this is to represent ourselves dehydrated and to see if we can get the water in a position to where it's small enough to actually pass through the tea bag and pull out the nutrients from the tea that, the tea leaves to actually make tea, all right?

So let's go ahead and try this with Flow Water and see what we get. All right, so let's go ahead and get this going. Of course it didn't work right away.

Let's get this dunked in. Let's try to get this wet a little bit. Here's the thing, you shouldn't have to jump up and down to get hydrated.

flow water review

It should immediately begin working. So the tea bag is wet and we're actually, we're starting to get something now, right? Awesome. We're getting some tea.

It's just not, doesn't look that strong, all right? Let's go ahead and try the electrolyzed reduced water, see what we get. Look at that. Like beautiful, strong tea.

And the reason why is just because it's smaller water, so it's actually able to, well, a couple of reasons why, but the big reason why is that it's actually small enough to make tea and actually go through the tea bag and it doesn't have to be hot.

flow water review

Which normally when we have water and we're boiling the water, we're making the water small enough to actually pass through the tea bag and make tea.

Let's go ahead and try this one more time because the bag was wet for this one. So let's make sure that this isn't a fluke or anything. Now you see it just doesn't do it as good.

And the reason, the second reason why is because this water here is dead.

flow water review

And what do I mean by dead water? I mean, it's been sitting in this, in this the whole time. It's not moving, it's not alive, it's not living, it's literally dead water.

So as you can see, we are able to get some tea from it, but it's nowhere near as strong as this other one right here. But I mean, it is making some just, yeah, just not as strong.

So if you're feeling dehydrated and you're like, man, oh my gosh, I need more water. And why is it that I'm drinking this water and it's not working?

Why do I still, why is my mouth still dry? Why is it all sitting in my stomach? Because most of it isn't the right format. It's dead water, all right?

So I just wanna share that with you. And this is our third test. So we tested Flow Alkaline Spring Water for three things.First one was the antioxidants and we saw that this is oxidizing. 

This is by far the most important thing because that's, we just don't want to consume things that are oxidizing us.

We wanna stay looking young, we want to reduce that inflammation, not really have it in case we actually need it, we don't want to be on inflammation all the time.

Second thing was alkalinity and we did see that this showed up as a eight. And once we battled it with a little bit of acidity from my stank breath, it did go down just a little bit.

And then after that went neutral. So that's something to consider. This one definitely stayed a 9.5 despite my horrible breath. And the third thing is superior hydration.

And we saw that this does provide a little bit of nutrients, but nowhere near as strong as electrolyzed reduced water. So that concludes this test. Thank you for watching.

Hopefully you learned something. If you know someone who drinks Flow Water, go ahead and share this with them and I will see you in the next one.

I really hope you enjoyed flow water review and you learned a little something about the waters that we tested here today.

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