Heart Water Ph Test…Is This Acidic Or Alkaline?

Hey, what is going on? LaPrentiss Demond here. And in this video, we are gonna do heart water ph test. Let's go ahead. Wow, this is tough. Get it opened up. 

Heart Water Ph Test

We're gonna see if this purple rain, wait, plain rain water is either acidic or alkaline using these pH drops. Now if we get red or orange or yellow, that means it's acidic in this heart water ph test.

If we get a blue or purple or dark purple, that means it's alkaline. Green is neutral. Let's see what we get. Huh? I don't know. That looks slightly... That looks a little on the acidic side.

Heart Water Ph Test

So it's pretty interesting. This is a pretty interesting water and how they got it made.

Heart Water Ph Test

So if you want to see what this means, and not only that, see the full review on this water, check out the link.

It's either to my left, to my right, down below in the comments. Look for it. It is somewhere right here. So you can learn more about this water. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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