Heart Water Review…Is This The Best Water For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in today's video we're going to be doing heart water review. All right so this is plain rain heart water.

And we're going to see how good it is for our health. That being said let's go ahead and get to pouring. This is a pretty tight cap, we'll see how good it does.

All right, and we're going to be looking at it. Against this electrolyte reduced water.


1. Heart Water Review: Antioxidant

Okay so the first thing we're going to test in this heart water review is for Antioxidant, the reason why is, because there's so many things around us that are oxidizing us.

And these things create, rust, inflammation, and dis-ease in the body. Ultimately, makes us rust and look old, right? It starts the aging process, it speeds it up, actually.

So we want to consume antioxidants these are antiinflammatory, they of course reduce oxidation and they keep us looking young and youthful. And the way we're going to test this is by using this ORP meter, so if we see a positive number that means it's oxidizing us, creating more stress and dis-ease in the body.

You see a negative number, antiinflammatory, anti-aging, and it's going to keep us in good health.

So lets see what we get here, with heart water. We'll go ahead and show that All right, so this is oxidizing, as we can see it is, whoah, 230, and going up, right, so this is creating more sickness and dis-ease in our body. Yep, 250, and it is getting worse because of the air.

Positive ORP

Lets go ahead and see how this electrolyte reduced water does in this heart water review. Wooh! Check out that dash, it is a negative number, showing a negative 808, 808 heartbreaks.

Negative ORP

So, yeah, and just to show you that it's not before and after thing, as we see it is jumping right back up to being oxidizing, when we put it in heartwater. So this is definitely oxidizing us.

And if we're looking for the best water, that's they only test we really need. But lets go ahead and look at uh how this does as far as alkalinity.

2. Heart Water Review: Alkalinity

Okay, on for that second test which is on alkalinity, and pretty much this is all about your PH okay.

Not necessarily PH of your stomach or you body but the PH of your blood. We want to make sure that stays at 7.365 in that range we want it to be slightly above alkaline, to battle-back all of the acidity and help the body stay out of acidosis.

Okay, so we'll use PH drops I'm going to put it in both of the waters, if we see a red, a orange or a yellow, that means it's acidic and it's eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body.

If we see a blue, a purple or a dark purple that means it's alkaline and it's going to keep us balance from all the acidic things that we consume in our life. All right, lets see what we got. Interesting, so heart water is neutral, hah That's how it's looking right now.

It's looking about seven, and, that's.. I want to say that's fine! And reading the instructions here from above, "alkaline rainwater that never touches the ground. We pour our hearts out for the planet, people and purpose."

Ph Test

So, yeah, this looks like they're collecting rainwater and bottling it back up to us. All right, so, there is nothing special about rain. It says "pour your heart out, free of forever chemicals". It's just ultra-filtered. So it's filtered rainwater, okay.

Let's see, there is no specific heart-health benefit claim by this product. So yeah, this is literally just rainwater, okay. So I do believe it is alka- I do believe it's neutral, where is supposed to be.

It's not playing the alkaline game so I have no reason to test is like I test these other waters. But I just want you to keep in mind that, with with all of things that we eat, all the sweets, all of the fried foods, the things like that.

We want to consume something that is able to neutralize all of that acidity, and bring balance to the body. If we have to much acidity, and we don't have anything alkaline, that's balancing it out or something that is strong enough to battle all of the acidity.

It is going to start, the body, the blood is still going to take minerals it's just going to take them from us, from our skin, bones, joints and ligaments. That's how we start cracking, osteoporosis builds up, acid reflex all of those things.

It's normally because we have too much acid built up in the body. So just keep that in mind. So, this is neutral, if we're going for something with PH, we want something a little higher what is in about that acidity.

With that being said lets go check out the third and final test, which is on superior hydration.

3. Heart Water Review: Superior Hydration

All right, so for that third test we're going to do superior hydration. This is one of my favorite ones because we get to make tea.

Heart water review

All right, so we're going to go ahead and open this up. And we're going to see if we can make tea using heart water And once again if you haven't seen this before the reason why we're doing this is because we want to see if the water is small enough.

If it has the surface tension that is small enough to actually pass through the tea bag, make tea, and bring out the nutrients, right. So this is the same thing we want our water to do. We don't want it to sit in our stomach.

We want that to get absorbed into the cells, bring the nutrients into our cells, fire up that mitochondria, and push out, to extricate any of that waste that we have in our cells.

All right, Alrighty, we'll see, nothing is happening here, we're going to go ahead and get this jumping up and down. See if this rainwater does anything.

Heart Water review

That is crazy that they just collect rainwater and then bottle it up and sell it back to us. All right, so, like most bottled waters it is doing something, right, I'm going to jump up and down to get it.

But it is, it looks, it looks okay. We're getting a little bit of tea.

 All right so lets go ahead and try this electrolyte reduced water and see what we get. Boom! This is how we should make tea right, this is how we want ourselves to take in nutrients. 

Heart Water review

Right, if we're taking supplements, medications, we want it to hit hard. All right, let's go ahead and try this one more time with heart water.

This time I'm not going to do any bouncing around I just want to see what happens. So once again, it gets a little bit, about the same as before. And as you see some of the molecules there are too big.

Heart Water review

And that's why its not passing through the tea bag. However, with the right water where molecules are much smaller, more of it is able to get through the tea bag and actually make tea, okay.

Heart Water review

So there is no real difference, we can go ahead and pour this here and it will do the same thing, just because it is a smaller water, and it's better at hydrating and because there is It is actually just able to do it better, all right.

So, there you have it, there is the review on heart water. And we're going to go ahead and do a quick recap. All right, there you have it we did our full review on heart water, we tested for three specific things.

First one was antioxidant, and we saw this water is oxidizing. Okay, not sure why, it might be because it's in the bottle. It could be because it's come in contact with the air, many factors to keep in mind, but, it is oxidizing us which means it's creating more dis-ease in the body.

Second thing we tested for was alkalinity and it is neutral. Which is not bad, but unfortunately the way that we eat, especially as Americans. We need something that's going to battle back all the acidity that we're consuming.

If not then we're just going to start having health problems, a lot of acidosis, and different things like that. Third, we tested was superior hydration, and this doesn't hydrate, this hydrates on the same level as the other bottled waters which is like 10-15 percent.

Water molecules are too big, probably because they caught it straight out of the sky. Normally your spring water is going to hit rocks and break-up and things like that, but ultimately it isn't able to hydrate us at a cellular level.

So it is going to sit in our stomach, okay. There you have it, there is our review on heart water.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you care about drinking the best water for your health or you care about the money that you're spending on water you want check out what I have for you here.

Thank you for watching and I'll see you next video. Hey! Thanks for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed it and you learned a little something about the waters we tested here today.

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