How is Smart Water Filtered? I think the results may surprise you.

How is Smart Water filtered?

People have been asking me this question a bunch of times!

For that reason, we're gonna talk about vapor distillation.

Vapor Distillation

The bottle says that the Smart Water is vapor distilled water.

This process is pretty simple. The water is boiled, and it turns to vapor. Then, the vapor steam is collected and transferred through a tubing system to a container, from where it is again transferred to bottles. 

how is smart water filtered

This process is done to get rid of all the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that end up left behind.  

But unfortunately, this process also separates the good stuff like minerals from the water. 

So, for that reason, water producing companies add artificial minerals to balance out the water. This also improves the taste since we know how bad distilled water is.

Those minerals are mostly inorganic, and our body has a tuff time processing them. So, that's the main reason why you shouldn't be drinking any vapor distilled water.

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