Icelandic Glacial Water PH Test

In this review, we are going to be testing the ph of Icelandic glacial water.

You already know about ph.

If we see a red, orange, or yellow color, that means the water is acidic and causes harm to our health. 

However, if we see a blue, purple, or dark purple, the water is alkaline.

So, let's do Icelandic Glacial Water pH Test!

icelandic glacial water ph test

So, the level of Icelandic glacial pH water test shows around 8, which is pretty good.

The whole reason for alkalinity is to battle the acidity. The other side is to keep us in balance.

But can Icelandic glacial water really do that? 

Let's find out with a simple trick by blowing some air into the water!

icelandic glacial water ph test

Unfortunately, no.

The water completely changed color due to inorganic mineral content.

In the end line - this water is acidic.

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