Is Aquafina Good Water to Drink?

Is Aquafina Good Water to drink?

We’re going to talk about 5 things that we need to know about Aquafina before finding out if it is good water to drink.

The first thing we need to talk about is Oxidation.

1. Oxidation

Is Aquafina oxidizing, or it has antioxidative properties?

We are surrounded by the things that want harm us. And the worst is that we don’t even see them. 

Those things are called free radicals. 

They are everywhere, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, even in the electronics we use.

But what do they do to us?

Well, they are taking the electrons from our healthy cells, and by that make them imbalanced. This makes once healthy cells oxidized and inflamed. 

And oxidation and inflammation are the two factors linked to every single health disease known to man.

So, how do we stop free radicals? By neutralizing it with antioxidants.

Some waters have antioxidative properties, some don’t.

To find out if Aquafina has antioxidative properties, we’re going to use an ORP meter.

It is a device that shows us water oxidation-reduction ability. The lower the number is, the better. However, a high positive number, indicates that the water is oxidizing us, meaning it is doing us harm.

Let’s see how Aquafina will do:

is aquafina good water to drink

Aquafina sits around positive 230 which is a huge number. This means that Aquafina is causing oxidation and inflammation in our bodies. 

But, to show you that the antioxidant water actually exists, I’m going to test the electrolyzed-reduced water that I am drinking. Let’s find out if it’s going to do better than Aquafina.

is aquafina good water to drink

-790! That’s the result we want to see!

2. Alkalinity

Our blood must maintain a 7.36 level on the pH scale.

By taking antioxidants and mineral-rich nutrients like fruits and vegetables, it will do that easily.

However, by using tobacco, alcohol, eating fast food, and drinking acidic water, our body has a hard time keeping the balance. 

But it still manages to do it!


Unfortunately, by sacrificing itself. It’s going to take the nutrients from our bones, skin, joints, even from our brain. 

That’s the reason why we want to make sure that we are drinking alkaline water.

To test if Aquafina is alkaline or acidic, we’re going to use phenol drops. These drops indicate acidity by changing the water color to yellow, orange or red, or alkalinity by changing the color to blue, purple, and dark purple. 

is aquafina good water to drink

Aquafina tests out as very acidic.

But what about antioxidant water? Is it alkaline or acidic?

is aquafina good water to drink

This water is alkaline, and it’s showing that beautiful purple color we want to see!

3. Hydration Ability

Is Aquafina able to hydrate us?

We don’t want to feel dryness in our mouth or bloated after we drink our water.

And how can we demonstrate if Aquafina is hydrating us or just sits in our stomach? By using a teabag.

Teabag represents our cells. The water should enter, push out the toxins, and bring in the nutrients. If Aquafina Water molecule can’t pass through teabag, how should it pass through a much smaller membrane?

is aquafina good water to drink

The left glass is Aquafina, and it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t make tea. Right glass is the water I am drinking, which had no issue making tea. We even bounced the teabag to help Aquafina, but it didn’t do any good. 

This means that Aquafina is not hydrating us, at least not on the level it should. Comparing it to electrolyzed-reduced water, it is clear that Aquafina hydrates us 5-10% of what it should. 

4. Content

Aquafina is purified water by the process called reverse osmosis. 

This process is used to remove all the bad stuff that water comes with. However, the process is not selective, as it also removes all the nutrients and minerals from the water.

This causes the water to be imbalanced and taste bad, so the producer adds inorganic minerals to balance it out and improve the taste.

And, we really don’t need those minerals.

Also, the water stripped of its natural minerals act as a scavenger. It will literally eat anything, including plastic. And that’s exactly what happens!

The scary thing about this process is that water and plastic create a carcinogen called xenoestrogen. 75% of men and women who have breast cancer have a higher level of xenoestrogen in their bodies.

Drinking this water can obviously lead to serious health issues, and that’s something that all of us should keep in mind. 

5. Price

Not only that Aquafina is acidic, oxidizing, doesn’t hydrate us, and creates carcinogens, we are still paying for it. 

This water is one of the cheapest out there, but you should look at the water as an investment in your health. Buying 100 bottles for $3 seems like a great deal, but if it’s making you sicker, shouldn’t you do more for yourself?

Is Aquafina Good Water to drink Conclusion

Unfortunately, I can't recommend drinking Aquafina. 

It is oxidizing, acidic, has poor hydration abilities, and comes with a risk of developing more serious diseases. 

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

If you want something that's better, water that actually improves your health and life quality, contact me and do the best for your well-being!

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