Is Aquafina Water Bad For You

Is Aquafina Water bad for you?

There are 5 things we’re going to take into account when deciding if Aquafina is bad for you!

The first thing is oxidation.

1. Oxidation

One of the main concerns that we should have when choosing which water to drink is - is it oxidizing us?

Oxidation creates rust and inflammation in our bodies. For that reason, you want your water to be antioxidant. Anti-aging, anti-rusting, anti-inflammatory.

There is a simple test to find out if water has antioxidative properties. We’re going to use an ORP meter. This device shows a value. The higher (positive) the number is, the worse the water is for us. 

On the other hand, a minus, negative number, indicates water that’s good for us.

is aquafina water bad for you

Aquafina is showing a high positive number, meaning that it is creating oxidation and inflammation in our body.

Now, let’s test the magical water that I’m drinking!

is aquafina water bad for you

This water is showing a big negative number, which means that it is good for our health since it has antioxidative properties. 

2. Alkalinity

Cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. 

And it goes the same with any kind of sickness in general.

For that reason, we want to consume things that are more alkaline and less acidic. And what about Aquafina? Is it alkaline or acidic?

Let’s find out!

Phenol drops are indicators of alkalinity and acidity. If the color of water changes to yellow, orange, or red, we know that the water is acidic. On the other hand, blue, light purple, and dark purple indicate alkaline water.

is aquafina water bad for you

Aquafina is acidic, and that’s definitely not good for us, since we want to keep our body slightly alkaline. 

And what about our mysterious water? 

is aquafina water bad for you

This one is purple, alkaline, and that’s good for us!

3. Hydration Ability

Is Aquafina hydrating us? Is there a reason why this brand sells you packs of 48+ bottles? Does it have to do anything with hydration ability?

Well, let me say that it’s not because it’s good for you! It’s because you’re gonna need that much to get hydrated.

Let’s go ahead and see if Aquafina can actually absorb into the tea bag and pull out the nutrients. We use this as an example to see how it's going to hydrate us at a cellular level. 

is aquafina water bad for you

Do you see how the glass on the left is pale? That’s Aquafina. 

It is simply having a hard time entering the teabag, and pulling out the nutrients. That’s exactly what happens in our bodies. It can not get into our cells, push out the toxins, and bring in the nutrients.

However, the water that I’m drinking has no problem making tea! It instantly gets in the bag, pulls out the nutritive content, and makes tea. 

This experiment is the prime example of showing that Aquafina can not hydrate us. 

4. Ingredients

Aquafina is purified water. It is purified through the process called reverse osmosis.

The good thing about reverse osmosis is that we remove all the bad things out of the water. 

However, the bad thing is that we also remove all the good things like nutrients and minerals. 

That makes the water a scavenger. Such water eats everything, even the plastic that it’s contained in. 

This process creates a bonus ingredient called xenoestrogen!

It is a carcinogenic element that was found in large values in 75% of all breast cancer patients, regardless of sex.

5. Cost

Not only that Aquafina is oxidizing, not only it is acidic, not only that it has almost no hydration abilities, not only it can cause serious illness, but you are also paying for it!

You are paying for 75 bottles pack for a 3$, but, you are getting what you pay for!

You’re not going to see Mercedes-Benz on sale for 400$. Why? Because there’s more value to it.

Is there any value in this water? 

After everything we learned today, it is pretty clear that this water has no value. 

Is Aquafina Water Bad For You Conclusion

Is Aquafina Water Bad For You?

I would definitely not recommend Aquafina to anyone. 

There are better solutions out there, including the magical mystery water we included in this set!

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

If you want something that's better, water that actually improves your health and life quality, contact me and do the best for your well-being!

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