Is Arrowhead Water Bad For You

Is Arrowhead Water Bad For You?

In this review, we’re gonna talk about 5 things that you should know about Arrowhead Water!

Without further ado, let’s start with the first one!

1. It's Oxidizing

To prove this, we’re using an ORP meter. This device helps us see how much oxidation is this water doing to our body.

Free radicals are responsible for cellular dis-balance and oxidation causing one healthy cell to become inflamed by taking away the electrons from healthy cells which makes cells oxidizing, and by that - inflamed.

Oxidation causes inflammation, and these two things are the cause of every single disease known to us.

Luckily, we know about antioxidants. And antioxidants are essentially a fountain of youth. They are filling up free radicals with electrons and by that protecting our cells from a negative impact.

Therefore, we don’t want to drink the water that’s oxidizing. We should drink water that’s fighting oxidation and keeping us healthy.

So, let’s see if Arrowhead Water is oxidizing us! If our ORP meter shows a positive value, that means that it’s creating sickness in our body.

On the other side, a negative value indicates antioxidative properties.

is arrowhead water bad for you

We got a high positive value, meaning that this water is creating oxidation and inflammation.

Now, let’s do the same test for electrolyzed reduced water, the water that I’m actually drinking. Will it do any better?

is arrowhead water bad for you

We got a big negative value, meaning that this water is reducing oxidation, and keeping us young and healthy!

2. Alkalinity

To find out if our water is acidic or alkaline, we're going to use pH drops.

Red, orange, or yellow color indicates acidic water that’s eating away the minerals we need for normal body functioning, while blue, purple, or dark purple indicates water that is either providing minerals or ensuring our body has exactly what it needs.

is arrowhead water bad for you

Arrowhead Water seems pretty alkaline, which is a good thing. But, is it really? There’s a simple trick that can show us the real alkalinity level. By blowing some air, the water will show us the true alkalinity level.

is arrowhead water bad for you

The water has slightly changed it’s color, but it managed to stay more on the alkaline side, which is a good thing. However, comparing it to electrolyzed reduced water, it is clear that it’s not as alkaline as it should be.

3. Superior Hydration

We’re going to test Arrowhead Water for hydration abilities. And it’s done by a simple trick using a teabag!

Let’s go ahead and see if Arrowhead Water can actually absorb into the tea bag and pull out the nutrients. We use this as an example to see how it's going to hydrate us at a cellular level.

is arrowhead water bad for you

As you can see, the Arrowhead Water is hardly coming through the teabag. Arrowhead’s hydration ability is at 10% of the Electrolyzed Reduced Water’s hydration ability, which had no issue of penetrating a teabag. 

This means that you have to buy and drink more of Arrowhead Water to get hydrated.

4. Plastic Bottle

The water goes through several warehouses, transports, and eventually waits on the shelf for someone to buy it.

This is worrying because water acts as a scavenger. It literally eats the plastic, and in that process, a carcinogenic chemical begins to show up. That carcinogen is called Xenoestrogen.

75% of men and women who had breast cancer, had too much Xenoestrogen in their bodies.

So that’s something that you should keep in your mind when considering drinking Arrowhead water. 

5. Costs

On top of the oxidizing property that makes us sicker, inability to hydrate us, and Xenoestrogen presence, we are paying for it. 

We are paying for water that makes us sicker and does not hydrate us.

There are better waters out there that actually do good for our health. 

Is Arrowhead Water bad for you? Conclusion

So, is Arrowhead Water bad for you? 

Well, I definitely wouldn't recommend you drinking this water. 

To help you in your journey towards true wellness, I made a report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

If you want something that's better, water that actually improves your health and life quality, contact me and do the best for your well-being!

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