Is Arrowhead Water Good To Drink

Is Arrowhead Water Good To Drink?

In today’s water review, we’re going to figure out Is Arrowhead Water Good To Drink?

I want to bring up a few points to talk about this water.

The first point is Oxidation.


To check if Arrowhead water is oxidizing or not, we’re going to use an ORP meter. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and it shows us a numeral value. The higher the value is - the worst the water is for our health.

Such water will create oxidation and inflammation in our body, and ultimately sickness. In fact, every health issue is correlated with inflammation and oxidation.

So, we want our water to have a negative number. A minus number.

Let’s see if Arrowhead is that kind of water.

is arrowhead water good to drink

Unfortunately, we are getting a positive number, meaning that Arrowhead water is creating oxidation in our body, thus making us sicker.

The next thing I’m going to test this water for is Superior Hydration.

Superior Hydration

Arrowhead water has a tuff time hydrating us.

A great example of that is a simple teabag test.

The cellular structure of the water is too big to pass through the teabag. That means that Arrowhead water is not able to penetrate the teabag, pull out the nutrients, and make tea. 

is arrowhead water good to drink

As you can see, Arrowhead water is not able to make tea. This is something that happens to us on a cellular level.

The molecules of this water are so big that they are not able to penetrate the cellular membrane and hydrate you on a cellular level as they should.

That’s why we are boiling the water, to make the cells small enough to be able to make tea.

But do we really need to boil it?

No. There is water that is already good enough to hydrate you at the level that your body needs.

is arrowhead water good to drink

You don’t want your water to sit in your stomach and make you feel bloated and heavy.

The next point I want to bring up when talking if Arrowhead water is good to drink is - the way it is contained. 

Plastic Container

This bottle is made out of plastic. Unless you are getting this water directly from the factory, there is a pretty good chance that it contains a chemical called xenoestrogen.

The water is a scavenger, it starts eating the plastic and in that process, cancerogenic chemicals start to develop.

75% of men and women who had breast cancer, had an elevated level of xenoestrogen in their body.

That’s just another reason why you shouldn’t be drinking this water.

The last point I want to bring up is the - price.


Although this water has a bunch of negative effects on our health - you are paying for it.

You are paying to make yourself sicker.

It is oxidizing, it doesn’t hydrate you as it should, it contains carcinogens and we are still paying to consume it. 


Is Arrowhead water good to drink?

I don’t think so. Especially for a long period of time.

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