Is Dasani Bad For You?

Today we are talking about... is Dasani bad for you? 

I'm going to do three specific tests that you can do for any beverage to see if it is actually good for our health.

The first one is we're going to test for antioxidants.

Antioxidants are what we need to push out toxins and reduce inflammation, reduce aging, and it's essentially a fountain of youth. 

So our water should have that and we're going to do that test using an ORP meter. Now if the number shows up positive, that means it is oxidizing, it is creating aging, stress, and sickness in the body.

However, if you see a negative number, that means that it is anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and it's promoting health. So we're actually going to test this Dasani water versus this special water that we have here with us today.

Remember, this is all to see if Dasani is actually bad for us. Now remember, when I do this test, if you see a positive number, that means it's aging us, it's creating sickness. We see a negative number, it is creating health, so it's anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and that's essentially what we want. 

So here is Dasani. See if I can get that view right. As you see, it's showing a positive number. Does not matter how positive, that means it is creating oxidation and aging in the body.

Now, let's take a look at this other water to see how it does. Oh, my gosh, look at that, it's showing a extremely good negative number. That means it's full of antioxidants, which means it's good for our health and it's going to reduce aging and sickness. It's essentially a fountain of youth. So that's the end of that first test.

The next test that we're going to do is for alkalinity

Pretty much the beverage that we're drinking, especially when we're drinking it for our health, it should help us to have a slightly alkaline body. So we will use pH drops (which stands for potential hydrogen), these are just phenol drops. This is how we check Dasani Ph.

When I put a few drops in the cup, if you see a red, a orange, a yellow color, that means it is acidic and that means that it's eating electrolytes that you have in your body and what's inside of you. 

However, if you see the water turn blue, it's purple, that means it is actually providing what you need and it's making sure you stay upon it.

So we're going to go ahead and add a few drops to each one, see what we get. So as you can see here, this Dasani water is acidic, so that means it is eating electrolytes. It is not helping your body remain an alkaline environment. So just keep that in mind. 

Right now, we see that is oxidizing, it's creating stress and inflammation in the body, we see that it's acidic and it's actually eating electrolytes that our body needs to survive.

The last test we're going to do is... superior hydration.

Now, I don't know if you have ever drank a large quantity of water, but what ends up happening is if you drink it really fast, it sits in your stomach. Why isn't it hydrating your cells? Why isn't it getting down to the smallest level? It should do that, right?

So for this test here, we're going to do is we're going to use a teabag and we are going to see if the Dasani can make tea. Now I know what you're thinking already. You're thinking, "Oh, well, to make tea, boil the water." Right?

Well, the water should be so small that it actually hydrates your cells, hydrates you at a cellular level. It doesn't just sit in your stomach.

So as you see right there, it's not really making tea. However, if you're drinking a water that's actually going to hydrate you to where you don't feel thirsty ... Now you see, you're able to make tea right away. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're like,

 "Well, LPrentiss, come on. This is a trick. Clearly the bag was wet." Let me go ahead and do it one more time for you. Still not making that tea, right?

However, if you're drinking something that's actually good for you and not bad for you and if you're wondering if Dasani's bad for you, at least that should answer your question. 

But let's just say you were taking a supplement, let's say you're taking vitamins, let's say that you were cooking and you didn't want to use that many ingredients. With the right water, you can hydrate yourself much better.

So in conclusion, is Dasani bad for you?

It's not the best for you. I've definitely got to say that tap water is definitely worse, but we tested it for three different things.

1) We tested it for antioxidants, that is the fountain of youth. If you want to stay looking young and youthful, Dasani isn't it.

2) The second thing we test it for is alkalinity and we saw that it showed up yellow on the test, that means it is acidic, that means that it's eating away from us.

3)  Third and definitely not least is superior hydration. We want it to be able to actually get into ourselves and hydrate us. Dasani is not doing that, we could see that from the teabag test.

However, this water here is clearly doing it, so there is something that this has at the Dasani doesn't. Or is there? There's nothing in this water.

However, Dasani is made through reverse osmosis, which means we're taking everything out of it and then we're adding in:

  • Magnesium sulfate - makes you feel thirsty
  • Potassium chloride -  which is another type of salt and then it adds salt minerals for taste. 

Your water should already have the minerals that it needs so you can feel good and it should taste like water. So why are they having to add all this stuff in?

One more piece to add, because it is in the plastic bottle, water is a scavenger and so it's going to end up eating away at the plastic.

If you've ever drank water before that's been sitting out in the sun, tastes like plastic, right?

Well, that leads to a thing called xenoestrogen and xenoestrogen, when men or women end up having breast cancer, 75% of men and women who have that breast cancer, have xenoestrogen in their system. That is linked to what may be in the bottle of water.

So ultimately, is Dasani water bad for us?

I wouldn't drink it, especially if you care about your health. If you want something better, then there definitely is something better out there. Thank you for reading this post.

If you want to learn more, make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel as we test all these different kinds of waters, different beverages, and try to provide you with the best things you can consume to get to achieve your true wellness.

Remember, if you change your water, you can change your world. 

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