Is Drinking Tap Water Bad?

In today's review, we'll be talking about tap water. Is drinking tap water bad?

It is, but it doesn't have to be. That's pretty much the answer.

But I'm going to share with you why it's bad.

I used to drink a ton of tap water, especially growing up. Like most of us, I didn't know any better. The Internet was just starting to expand, and at that time nobody really talked about it and asked questions like “hey, what are we drinking?”. 


Nowadays, more people talk about water and do research. Now we know that tap water is oxidizing. And if you’re asking yourself what is oxidation, picture it like this.

We are made in an alkaline environment and then we start to get oxidizing based on the things that we're consuming. 

When we come out of the womb, we're like fresh fruit. Same as the fresh fruit has vivid colors and it’s untainted, clean, and healthy, so are we. Nice, young and youthful.

is drinking tap water bad

After a while, we start consuming different things. We breathe in the air around us. We use technology. And all those things contain free radicals. 

Free radicals are responsible for creating oxidation and inflammation. Fortunately enough, there are many antioxidants around us that help us neutralize the bad effect of free radicals.

Our antioxidants come in various shapes and sizes. They are found in:

  • Fruits: Grapes, berries, pomegranate, kiwi, apricot, prune, pear, banana...
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, ginger, artichoke, garlic, cilantro, asparagus
  • Vitamins: A, C, E

So the water that we're drinking should protect us from oxidation and sickness caused by it. 

To find out if our tap water is oxidizing us we’re going to use ORP meter.

ORP Test

If it's oxidizing our test will show a positive value which means that the water is positively charged. On the other hand, if it has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging impact, it will show a negative value. 

is drinking tap water bad

As you can see, our tap water reached 350, and that result proves that the tap water is super unhealthy for us.


Another downside of the tap water is chlorine. Our wastewater systems end up with tons of wastewater that have to be treated. That’s where the chlorine comes into play. Chlorine is a poisonous gas used to kill bacteria and viruses to disinfect the water.

Therefore it’s highly toxic, but not only for the disease-causing pathogens but for humans as well.

But just to make sure if chlorine is present in our tap water, we’re gonna put a few chlorine reagent drops to find out if the water we’re drinking has been treated by chlorine. 

is drinking tap water bad

Well, it’s pretty safe to say that this water contains chlorine.

All of us had skin issues at some point. Skin cracking, peeling, redness all come from chlorine. We wash our hands with it, we bath in it. 

To prove that it negatively affects our skin, I decided to put my fingers into the cup filled with tap water. 

Let’s see if my skin will absorb chlorine and how much will be left when we test it again.

is drinking tap water bad

As you can see, there’s no more chlorine left in this tap water. 


Because my skin absorbed it. I’ll say it once again, chlorine is a highly toxic chemical element that kills all living organisms. 

Robert G. Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute, and the author of the book called “Killing cancer, not people”, says:

“I would never drink tap water unless it was an emergency...The cancer risk among those drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than those who do not”.

He lost both of his parents to chemotherapy and radiation. As a result, he dedicated his life to helping people prevent getting cancer. 


So is drinking tap water bad?

Absolutely, if you're drinking it straight from the tap, it will have a negative effect on your health. 

But can we make it better?

And the answer is yes if we take the right steps.

The first thing I recommend doing is visiting If you would like to know more about the tap water in your area, visit their database and check what’s in your tap water by simply entering your zip code (the US only).

The second thing you can do is to read my report about the five properties every healthy water has. I personally use these tools in my life right now!

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