Is My Tap Water Safe?

Hold on...Is My Tap Water Safe?

So check this out. You're about to learn something today.

Current State of Our Tap Water 

This tap water is something that we should definitely replace in our home with something a little bit better. I'm not talking about bottled water.

So the reason why I say that is for a few reasons. One is that it is oxidizing us. Our cells are getting oxidized, in a combination with everything else that's around us.

That oxidation leads to inflammation, which will lead to more oxidation, and more inflammation in ourselves. And those two things are linked to every single health disease known to man!

Not Only Is Our Tap Water Oxidizing

Our water is oxidizing. Not only that, it's filled with hundreds of chemicals. Why is our tap water filled with hundreds of chemicals? Because it's pretty much our wastewater.

And all of the water that we end up treating in the facilities, including:

  • all the times we go to the bathroom
  • all the medications
  • everybody clipping their toenails
  • digging their finger in their nose and sticking it in the sink and rinsing it all down (better than eating them right?) 

Well it all has to get cleaned.

When we clean that stuff, it gets to a water treatment facility and one of the many chemicals that they're using is chlorine.

Here's the thing about Chlorine...

Chlorine is a carcinogen. It's meant to take out the organisms, the stuff in the water. If we're still taking this chlorine in, if we're still receiving chlorine on our end, then guess what? 

We're one big organism. So the chlorine we consume is going to start affecting our skin, it's going to start affecting the microbiome, which are the organisms that we have in our gut.

These guys help us decide what we should be doing with our minerals, our nutrients, what has to go, what has to stay. So is our tap water safe? Not in this state, but lets see what we can do about it.

What To Do To Improve Our Tap Water?

I recommend checking out EWG.ORG/TAPWATER. When you visit that website, you'll have a spot where you can put in your zip code and there you'll see your water treatment facility and all of the stuff that is in your water.

Also, you want to check out my free guide. And the reason why is because I share with you the five properties every healthy water must have. This will help you determine if you are drinking the best water for your health.

Is Our Tap Water Safe...Not Straight From The Tap

 And so your tap water, while it's not safe straight from the tap, it can be. You just have to do something to make it filter, to make it antioxidant, kind of like your fruits and veggies, and be able to provide you with the nutrients that you need because there's minerals in your tap water.

Problem is, the tap water is covered and flooded with everything else, with all the chlorine and fluoride, and... I can't even name half of the chemicals in there!

This is why you should check out that EWG website. Because it's covered with all that stuff and a few other things, that's why this water is not safe for you to drink.

Don't want to take my word for it

 I have a book here called Killing Cancer- Not People, written by Bob Wright.

 He lost his parents to chemotherapy and radiation.

And what he says is, "I would never drink tap water, unless it was an emergency. The cancer risk among those drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than those who do not."

Bob is the founder of the American Anti Cancer Institute and this book is a must read for everyone who may be experiencing some for of cancer.

is my tap water safe

Is My Tap Water Safe...Conclusion

So hopefully this helps you out. Is your tap water safe? No, it's something we should definitely replace and fix up. Okay? And instead of waiting on the government to do it, we have a quick, efficient way where we may be able to take care of that ourselves.

And it makes sense that we do this. Our body is 75% water and you deserve, I deserve, we deserve, to drink and consume, and bathe in, and wash our hands in, the best water for our health. 

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