Is Purified Water Safe To Drink?

Is purified water safe to drink?

Although it says that it is purified drinking water, it is not safe for drinking.

When you think about purified, you think of clean, fresh, pure. However, I’m gonna show you that this is not really the case with purified drinking water.

The first thing I have to mention is the purification process. This water can be purified by many different methods such as:

  • Reverse osmosis, a process where water is pushed under pressure and filtered through a fine membrane that separates all the bad stuff, but also the minerals and good nutrients that water has.
  • Distillation process by heating the water and turning it into steam, and then rapidly cooling it down to contain it.

Both of these processes eliminate minerals that your body needs to stay healthy.

We’re going to do a couple of tests on purified drinking water to check is it really that bad.

ORP Meter Test

The first test is going to be an oxidation-reduction potential test using an ORP meter. 

ORP meter shows the ability of the water to reduce oxidation of the cells. If purified drinking water is oxidizing, our test will show a positive value which means that the water is positively charged.

On the other hand, if they contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, we will get a negative value. 

Antioxidant water keeps you healthy, fights sickness caused by inflammation, and slows down the aging process, while oxidizing water does everything opposite.

So, let’s see if we’re gonna get a positive or negative value.

is purified water safe to drink

As you can see, purified drinking water is creating oxidation.

This means that it makes your body rust. Just as a fresh banana has vivid colors that with time become brown and black, so our body rusts and it is caused by oxidation.

is purified water safe to drink

The second property of this water that we’re going to test is acidity. 

pH Drops Acidity Test

To find out if our water is acidic or alkaline, we're going to use pH drops.

Red, orange, or yellow color indicates acidic water that’s doing us harm, while blue, purple, or dark purple indicates water that is either providing minerals or ensuring our body has exactly what it needs.

Let’s put some of the drops in and see if purified drinking water is acidic or alkaline.

is purified water safe to drink

This color indicates acidic water.

Acidic water is eating not only the electrolytes and minerals found in the water, but also those from our skin, bones, joints, and ligaments.

Lack of those nutrients can cause diseases as:

  • Eczema, 

  • Brittle bones - osteoporosis,

  • Harmful brain effect that can lead to Alzheimer's and other mental diseases.

But is it good for anything?


Purified water is good for ironing and steaming your clothes. It can be used for fusor and steaming machines. It’s so purified that it contains basically nothing that can clog those machines. 


So ultimately, purified drinking water is not safe for drinking and I highly don't recommend drinking it.

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