Is Smart Water Bad For You?

Is Smart Water bad for you?

In today’s review, we are answering the question you all have been asking me: Is Smart Water bad for you?

I am going to share 7 specific properties that this water has, so let’s start.

#1 Oxidation-reduction potential

One of the main things we always look for in our water is oxidation-reduction potential.

Is our water reducing oxidation or is it oxidizing? 

Oxidation is essentially rusting and can happen to all living organisms. 

Do you know how banana or any other fruit changes color with time? From bright vibrant colors to brown, and then black while changing the shape as well?
That’s oxidation in real-time and it is happening to our bodies as well. 

is smart water bad for you

And how does it happen?

Free radicals surround us. We can find them in the air, electronics, even in the food that we eat. Free radicals are responsible for cellular disbalance and oxidation.

They cause the once healthy cell to become inflamed, which results in the cells' inability to release the harmful content and to take in the necessary nutrients. 

Antioxidant water can neutralize the harmful effect that free radicals do to our cells. 

ORP Test

Oxidative reduction potential shows the water’s ability or inability to reduce oxidation. Any number that is positive means that the water is creating oxidation in your body, which means it is leading to aging, sickness, and diseases.

The negative number on the ORP scale shows the water’s potential to reduce oxidation, thus stop aging, protect you from sickness, and help your organism fight diseases.

On the other hand, the positive number shows us that the water is doing the opposite - making you sicker and age faster.

So, let’s see the results we will get from Smart Water.

is smart water bad for you

It’s a pretty high positive number, which confirms that Smart Water is creating oxidation.

But let’s see how the water that I’m drinking will test out. Is it better or worse than Smart Water? I know it’s cheaper.

is smart water bad for you

We got a super high negative number, which means that the water that I’m drinking is fighting oxidation, protects your cells, and keeps you healthy.

#2 Alkalinity

The next test we’re going to do is an alkalinity test.

The water we are drinking should be alkaline. An alkaline body is more capable of fighting off disease and sickness. Oppositely, acidic water is eating all the electrolytes and minerals that it comes into contact with. That means fewer good nutrients for us.

You may have heard that our blood Ph level is 7.36. We should always keep the same level, but with drinking acidic water, our body has to find a way to maintain that level. 

And how does it do that?

Well, by taking the nutrients from itself and using them to regulate the acidity to an acceptable level.   

Lack of those nutrients can cause diseases as: 

  • Eczema, 

  • Brittle bones - osteoporosis,

  • Harmful brain effect that can lead to Alzheimer's and other mental diseases. 

But let’s see if Smart Water is acidic or maybe alkaline!
We’re going to put a few phenol pH drops and see how the color changes. 

is smart water bad for you

As you can see, Smart Water is borderline of being acidic.

But how my water’s going to test out? Alkaline or acidic?

is smart water good for you

We have a beautiful purple color, meaning it's very alkalizing for the body and preserves the nutrients and minerals your body needs.

#3 Hydration

Your water should be physically small enough to be able to enter our cells and hydrate us on a cellular level.

Is Smart Water hydrating us on a cellular level?

Well, there’s a simple test that’s going to picture how effective it is.

I'm going to use Smart Water to make tea. And I know what you're thinking. LaPrentiss, the only way you can make tea is by boiling the water. 

But why do we have to boil it? It's because it makes the water molecules so small that it's actually able to go into a dehydrated teabag and pull out the nutrients.

So let’s go ahead and pour some Smart Water over the tea bad and see what’s going to happen.

is smart water bad for you

As you can see, it is not making tea. 

But if the water is the right size and has a functional surface tension area, it will be able to go through that tea bag and make tea.

is smart water bad for you

Smart Water will hydrate you for about 15%. 

So about 15% hydration will come out of this bottle of water, as opposed to using this water that I’m drinking. To make sure that’s not just a bold statement, I’ll put some more water that I’m using and see what I can get from this same teabag.

is smart water bad for you

Why is this so important? 

So let's just say you are taking a vitamin or any other supplement nutrition. 

You want the supplements to actually enter your blood and provide you with the nutrients that you need.

You don't want it sitting in your stomach. 

And if you drink bottled water as I have, that’s exactly what happens.

#4 Chemical Presence

If you look at the back of the Smart Water label, you will see that it's vapor distilled water.

Heating it turns the water into steam, and then cooling the steam down lets the producer contain it. 

This process makes the water very acidic. All the minerals and nutrients get left out as a result. 

So how do producers balance the water?

By adding inorganic minerals as:

  • Calcium Chloride - Used to de-ice roads

  • Magnesium Chloride - Inorganic salt

  • Potassium Bicarbonate - Baking soda

All these minerals are added to improve the taste. 

However, our body has a tough time breaking these minerals down. And that leads us to the next point of this review:

#5 Can drinking too much Smart Water lead to health issues?

I'm pretty sure you've heard that drinking too much water can be bad for you.

 And that is because of the chemicals it contains.

As I said before, these chemicals do not break down well in our bodies. This can lead to alkalosis and several other issues like:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Confusion and disorientation

So we want to make sure that you don't deal with these issues. But there are even more scary potential health problems caused by bottled water like this one.

#6 Carcinogen effect

The plastic bottles create a carcinogen known as a xenoestrogen. 75% of men and women who ended up having breast cancer have been found to have too much xenoestrogen in their bodies.

Have you ever had some water that was sitting in the car or sitting in a sun that you opened it up, took a little sip, and it tasted like plastic?

That's just another reason why you should think twice before you decide to drink water from a plastic container.

There’s just one more thing that we should mention when it comes to Smart Water, and it’s - the price.

#7 Price

Even though it is oxidizing for the body on top of it being acidic and actually eating electrolytes, poor hydration ability, and other health concerns produced by the chemicals that are in the water, including the cancer xenoestrogen effects, we're still paying for water like this. 

Essentially, you're paying for these problems. We are paying to drink water that's creating inflammation in the body. We're paying for water that ultimately doesn't hydrate us. We're paying for water that can cause cancer. 


So if you asked me if the Smart Water is good for you, I would say no.

It’s better than tap water that contains has chlorine and 300 other chemicals, but it doesn’t justify the price, and you should not buy this water.

If you want to learn more about the water that I’m drinking and try something better to help improve your life quality, contact me, and do the best for your well-being!

Also, check out my free resource that I have on the five key properties that every healthy water should have.

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