Is Tap Water Bad For You?

Tap water.

Is tap water bad for you?

Should you drink tap water?

Yes, we should be drinking it but not the way that we're getting it. That's ultimately my answer. If you want to stop right now you could, but I want to explain to you why.

The reason why we ultimately shouldn't drink tap water is that it's oxidizing. 

Back in the Day....

You see, when we come out of the womb, we are very alkaline and we're just like these babies right here.

However, over time, our parents, family, friends and fast food restaurants started giving us different foods and drinks and we take these things in.

is tap water bad for you

 As we take these things in, if we're taking in alkaline things that are good for our body then our body is going to stay in a nice, healthy state.

Over time we started consuming stuff that leads to the rusting. Those things are oxidizing.

They're known as free radicals and they are everywhere.

 They are in the air that we breathe. They're in our electronics. They are in the foods that we eat and the things that we drink.

Free Radicals are:

  • Positively charged
  • Create aging on the inside and outside
  • Creates rust in the body
  • Aids in building inflammation in the body
  • ultimately lead to sickness and are key to every health disease known to man. 

"It's all about the Itus"!

Any type of -itus, if you have any kind of -itus right now, it's because of oxidation and inflammation.


We want our water to be an antioxidant, kind of like those broccolis, fruits and vegetables that we're eating. They should be antioxidants because they're going to neutralize those free radicals and essentially be the fountain of youth.

What we're looking for here is a negative member. Negative means that it's antioxidant and a positive number, which you see here, means that it is oxidizing us. It's making us even age quicker and be sick. This is one of the biggest reasons why we don't want to consume tap water, why we should not consume tap water.

More than just water?

The other thing is there's hundreds of chemicals in here and it comes from everywhere. It comes from when we go to the bathroom.

It comes from the medications that we throw down the drain. It comes from sewer waters.

Everything ends up going through a treatment facility. It doesn't matter if you're a Florida. Doesn't matter if you're in Washington. Guess what? We're all changing and exchanging those same disgusting waters.

But, we understand they try to fix it as best they can, use a water treatment facilities. What they end up doing is that they ended up putting lye and chlorine... These are chlorine indicating drops, by the way. They put them in the water to treat the bacteria and mold and organisms that are in there so we aren't drinking that stuff. It's used to kill that stuff. It's a carcinogen.

And, as you can see here, there's still chlorine in the water when it gets to us so guess what? In our stomach, we have organisms and it starts killing those off.

In addition to that, we're showering in this stuff. We're washing our hands in this. If you have eczema, if your skin is cracking, peeling or bleeding... Promise you, it happened with me. It's the chlorine that's in your water for starters.

I have a book here by Bob Wright. He is the founder of the American Anti-cancer Institute. In his book, Killing Cancer Not People...  He says himself,

"I would never drink regular tap water unless it was an emergency. 

The evidence of tap water toxicity is overwhelming and readily available for your perusal on the internet. 

Go see for yourself. The cancer risk among those drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than those who do not.

is tap water bad for you

This is a great guy right here. He lost his parents to chemotherapy and radiation so he started doing the digging, the research, to try to find effective ways of beating cancer without going through chemotherapy and radiation.

We shower in the stuff, we bathe in this chemicals and it's not good for our skin bodies and ultimately our health.

What can we do? 

We can drink that water, but we just got to make sure we treat it. We got to know what's in our tap water, so highly recommend visiting

When you do that, you're going to see a spot where you could put in your zip code to find out how your water is in your city, in your area.

You'll be able to see the facility that you have and see exactly... Not everything that's in there, but the big things that they could find in there that are actually harming our health and exactly what those effects are.

That's the first thing, is being aware.

The second thing is you want to check out my free resource that I have on the five key properties that every healthy water should have.

If you are serious about changing the quality of the water that you're drinking, that you're consuming, that you're bathing in, you're going to want to check out that out and connect with me so I can help point you in the right direction.


Should we drink our tap water?

Not if it's coming straight from the source but if we find a way to filter it.... if we have a way of making it antioxidant, absolutely!

And guess what? Those resources I shared with you are going to be able to help you get closer to getting to that goal.

If you're serious about your health, highly recommend checking it out.

Thank you for spending time here. Hopefully you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

Find me on Facebook, find me on my page. I'm willing to help in any way that I can.

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