Members Mark Alkaline Water Review…Does It Improve Health?

Hey, what is going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and today we are going to be doing Members Mark Alkaline Water Review

That's a lot of, a lot to say, I don't even know which way it goes first but that's what we're testing today and we're gonna put it to the test against our Electrolytes Reduced water.

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Let's go ahead and get pouring this Alkaline Plus water by Member's Mark. Now, because this is the alkaline water, we are in for a really, really good battle, 

and a lot of learning 'cause I learn a lot every time we do these. So in this Members Mark Alkaline Water Review, we're gonna test it for three specific things.

1. Antioxidants

The first one is antioxidants, the second is alkalinity, and third, I like to call superior hydration. Okay? So let's go ahead and jump into that first one which is antioxidants.

This one is by far the most important aspect I test out the three that I do for these videos. And the reason why is because of all these things around us known as free radicals.

They're in the air that we breathe, they're in the foods that we eat, all the electronics that we have in nowadays, whether it's the headphones the cell phones,

all the radio waves and towers going on. All these things, they come into our body and they take electrons from our healthy selves. And when they do that,

it creates oxidation and inflammation. And those two things are linked to every single health disease known to man. This is why we start aging folks, okay?

And so if you're experiencing any type of "itis', like arthritis, tendonitis, bronchitis, that's inflammation literally happening in the body. You see, oxidation creates rust and dis-ease.

 And aging in the body is positively charged. And so we want to consume antioxidants. These are your fruits, your vegetables your vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E.

They give extra electrons to those cells which ultimately reduces that oxidation, bring down that inflammation. And it's the fountain of youth.

And our water should be the same way. Okay? It should be a antioxidant. So we're gonna use this ORP meter to see if we get a positive number, which is oxidizing,

or if we get a negative number, which is an antioxidant. All right, let's see how Member's Marks water does. All right, we are seeing 127, a positive 127.

Members Mark Alkaline Water Review

So that means this is, oh jumped up to 136. That means it is oxidizing and you can see the areas making it worse, right? It's steadily going up.

Let's go ahead and check out this electrolytes reduced water. See what we get here. And we are getting... Huh? A negative 804... 805, negative. See that dash?

Check that dash, right. So it is a very, very strong antioxidant. And as you can see here, this Member's Mark water is oxidizing us which means it is slowly but surely creating more dis-ease in the body.

Now if we were gonna do, weren't gonna do any more tests that would be all that we really need because anything that we're drinking that's making us sicker we really don't want to be consuming that.

However, we do have two more tests to do and I think this is where it really will get interesting. So let's go ahead and check out the second one on alkalinity.

2. Alkalinity.

All right, our second test is on alkalinity in this Members Mark Alkaline Water Review. And many people know this one because this is referred to pHs, right?

When we're out there trying to find the best water we have heard already from media, from the bottled water companies, that pH is the right thing to look for.

Well, really is it? Yes, in a sense it is. And so the bottled water company has started taking advantage of this and making waters that are "alkaline", that are meant to help the body.

 So let's get into it for just a moment, okay? When we're talking about alkalinity we're talking about the pH of your blood.

Our blood must stay around a 7.365 to, in order to keep the body in optimum health okay? It's, it transfers all the nutrients and everything like that around it.

And you want to ensure that your blood is able to do that without too much acidity. If we continue to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, tobacco, acidic foods,

acidic beverages, and our body gets too acidic it's gonna start to show in different areas of our life. So our skin is gonna start to get bad.

We're gonna wake up, we're gonna start cracking bones and everything. Osteoporosis will begin to happen.

And if it continues, we'll start getting Alzheimer's, and we'll start to have memory loss and brain fog and those kinds of things. It's 'cause we have too much acidity in our body.

So we're gonna use these pH drops to test for pH and alkalinity. If we see a red, orange or a yellow,

that means it is a acidic and it's eaten the minerals and electrolytes that our body needs, and eventually it's gonna start taking it from us.

If we see a purple, blue purple or dark purple, that means it's alkaline and is helping keep the body in balance, keeping that blood in balance. Let's see what we get.

All right, so both of these are looking very alkaline. I want to say the Member's Mark, I wanna keep saying Maker's Mark, man. If y'all know that alcohol, let me know.

Members Mark Alkaline Water PH Review

But I keep wanting to say Maker's Mark this is Member's Mark, and that is looking like a 9.5 as well as this electrolyte reduced water.

So anytime that I see something alkaline, I wanna test it and see if it actually holds true or if it's just pretending like a lot of these other waters here.

So Member's Mark, we're going to blow into it and see if the acidity will change how the water comes out. All right, we'll see. Huh?

So it looks like it actually turned like a light green, maybe a yellow even. I can't tell but, fake. Okay?

And clearly if you look at the front of the bottle you can tell why it's purified water. So a purified water, they remove everything; they clean everything out.

So all the natural minerals that are in there, they take 'EM out, which makes this water very acidic to begin with which is what's showing up there.

And it looks like it is purified through reverse osmosis. They take everything out and then they sprinkle in some stuff to make it look alkaline.

And here they add in potassium hydroxide, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. All these chlorides here are different types of salts, um,

that are added to this water to make it appear alkaline, to make it the to 9.5. And it, it did the 9.5 until we actually gave it some real acidity to go against.

And yeah, then it showed it's true colors. Well, hold on, hold on. Let's go ahead and check this other water too.

Make sure there isn't, um, anything add to this and that it actually holds, it holds it's alkalinity. All right, I can't get to change because this is naturally alkaline. All right?

There's nothing added to this water that's gonna make it extra that adds to the alkalinity. Okay? This one had stuff added to it.

And if you are buying bottled waters, just see if there's ingredients. If there's ingredients to your water that means there's something added to it to make it seem alkaline, okay?

I promise you. Um, yeah. So, um... Yep, that is the end of this test. So when it comes to alkalinity, this one looked like a 9.5 but when you actually test it,

it's not that good which is good to know because if we're consuming burgers and french fries and waffles and all these kinds of things and we're thinking that this water is gonna battle all that acidity, we're consuming, we're kidding ourselves. Okay?

3. Superior Hydration

And now that we've seen this Members Mark Alkaline Water Review, we know better so we can start doing better. Let's go ahead and take a look at that third video which is, or the third test,

which is on superior hydration. Alrighty, onto that third and final test. Superior hydration by far, one of my favorite ones.

And the reason why is because we are going to make tea. All right? So the tea bag is gonna represent us dehydrated and it's just a representation just to see how small this water is to see if it can actually pass through the tea bag and make tea. Okay?

So our water is when we drink it and consume it it should not just sit in our stomach, it should actually get absorbed and bring nutrients to our blood and allows us to be able to push out waste. All right?

So, we'll see what happens when we try to make tea with this water. All right, so let's see if we can get this bouncing around a little bit.

All right, with a little bit bouncing we are able to get some tea. Yeah, there we go. Awesome. Got a little bit of tea going.

Let's go ahead and try it with electrolytes reduced water. Beautiful. And with electrolyzed reduced water there was no bouncing and of course you're probably saying,

Members Mark Alkaline Water Review

 "Laprentiss, duh. The bag was already wet there, there was no bouncing required". So we're gonna try to get this time with no bouncing. All right.

And even then, this, this one looks darker than this one here. So let's see what we get when we do this. All right, so this does hydrate, it hydrates a little bit.

I can give it that it does hydrate. It is able to get through those cells a little bit better. And I think the reason why is actually because it says on here, that it's ionized. Okay?

So ionized water, water that is ionized actually is smaller and that's exactly what we're looking for. What we're looking for,

we're looking for a water that's small enough to actually pass through at a cellular level. And usually ionized water can definitely do the trick.

Unfortunately though, it is oxidizing us so we just gotta be mindful of that. But those of you who drink this water, you're like you know what? I drink that water and I feel,

I feel more hydrated when I drink this, as opposed to other things is probably because of the ionization that is there.

All right, so I wanna say these are pretty even, maybe a little bit lighter here and here a little bit, but you guys, not sure if you can see in the camera.

Let me know if you can, but ultimately, there you have it.


 So we have tested Member's Mark Plus Alkaline, Alkaline Plus Ionized water for three things.

In this Members Mark Alkaline Water Review, first thing we tested for was antioxidants. One of the most important things.

And we saw that this water is oxidizing, it's creating more stress, inflammation dis-ease in the body.

 Second thing we tested for was alkalinity. And we saw that it showed 9.5 until we gave it some acidity and then it looked almost like this tea here, all right?

And then the third test we did was on superior hydration and we saw that, yes, it can hydrate us. Unfortunately, it's hydrating us with oxidizing water.

All right, so there you go. That's the end of this test, hopefully you enjoyed it. Share this with someone who drinks this water so they understand.

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