Members Mark Water PH Level…Is It Alkaline Or Acidic To Our Health?

Hey, what's going on? We are gonna be doing a Members Mark Water Ph Level. All right, so let's go ahead and pour it.

Members Mark Water PH Level

In this Members Mark Water Ph Level review. you are looking up pH, which means you already know what this is all about.

So we're gonna put these drops in, and if we see a red or an orange or a yellow, it's acidic.

If we see a blue, a purple, or a dark purple, it is alkaline. And this looks alkaline. So anytime when that happens on my test,

In this review, I like to see if it actually can handle acidity because that's the whole reason why we want an alkaline beverage.

So I'm gonna go ahead and blow in it and see if it stays the same color, which means it could battle that acidity, or if it's fake and then it ends up changing colors, all right?

Members Mark Water PH Level

So let's see what it does. Uh-oh. This is not the real stuff, guys. There is something fake in this, all right?

So to see the full review on Member's Mark Plus+ Alkaline Water, check out the link right here or right here so you can learn more about this.

And I look forward to seeing you in that video. Thanks for watching.

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