Nestle Pure Life PH Level, What Is It?

Nestle Pure Life PH Level, What Is It?

In today’s review, we're going to talk about Nestle Pure Life water and it’s pH level.

The pH test shows if the water we are testing is acidic or alkaline. Acidic water is eating all the electrolytes and minerals that it comes into contact with. That means fewer good nutrients for us, therefore our goal is to consume alkaline water. 

We're going to put a few phenol pH drops in the water. These indicator drops react with water and change the color to red, orange, or yellow, as a result of detecting acidic water, or blue, purple, or dark purple, indicating it's alkaline.

But let’s begin with our test.

nestle pure life ph level what is it

I’m not sure if you missed it but it seems that it turned color from acidic orange to neutral green.

Why did it react in this way?

Because there are inorganic additives added to this water to hide its acidity.


To summarize, would I recommend drinking this water?

Absolutely not. 

Chemically altered products, as this water, should be something to avoid. 

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