Path Water PH Test…Is This Acidic Or Alkaline?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in this video, we are gonna do this Path water ph test. So let's get this opened up. 

And we already know how pH works, this is why you're looking for this video. And so, with that being said, if we see a red or orange or a yellow, we know that this is acidic.

Green is neutral, blue, purple, or dark purple is in that alkaline category. So let's see what we get when we add these pH drops.

Path Water PH Test

All right, Pathwater is looking alkaline in this path water ph test, it's looking maybe around eight-ish, you guys let me know.

So, with that being said, I wanna see if it's truly alkaline, if it's strong enough to battle all the acidity that we're taking day in and day out, like that's exactly why we're drinking this, right?

We want the best for our health. So I'm gonna blow into it, that's gonna count for all that acidic stuff that we're consuming, and I'm gonna see if it maintains that color, maintains that pH balance, or if it changes, okay?

Path Water PH Test

 Let's check this out. Huh, it changed. So it looks like maybe slightly below neutral, maybe even a little yellow.

I'm not sure, you guys can see it better than me, but I'm telling you right now, there's way more to this water than just the pH, so you wanna check out the full review.

It is somewhere around me, go ahead and click that link, so it'll take you to a full review, you're gonna absolutely love it. Thank you for check this path water ph test, and I will see you in the next test.

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