Pedialyte Review…Is this the best water For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond. In this video, we're gonna do pedialyte review Electrolyte drink. Let's go ahead and get this opened up.

Pretty sure this is one that was requested, but, ah, nonetheless, let's open up this new flavor, which is coconut. All right, let's get this poured out. Aw, man, we've got this.

Oh man, let me get a knife to open this up real quick. All right, finally. You saw I don't drink this, right? Gonna put that there.

And we'll be testing it against my favorite, this electrolyzed reduced water right here. Ooh, I smell the coconut. I smell it. All right.The first thing we are gonna be testing for is antioxidants.

1. Pedialyte Review: Antioxidants

This is the most vital test that we are gonna be doing and the reason why is because antioxidants keep us looking young, keep us looking youthful. lower oxidation and inflammation, which is linked to every single health disease known to man, and prevents aging, reduces it.

So we want to be consuming antioxidants. These are your fruits, your vegetables, your vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and they keep our cells looking young and youthful and prevents disease, okay.

So we're gonna test that using an ORP meter. If we get a positive number, when we turn this on and put this wand in the beverage, that means it's oxidizing us.

It's creating more sickness and disease in the body. However, if we see a negative number, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, fountain of youth. All right.

Let's see what we get here with the Pedialyte. Oh, gosh. Wow! Do you see this? Four, 450, and rising. 450 and rising.

ORP Test

This is horrible. This is aging us super quick. This is bad. This is not good. I've never, man, 458, and it's still going up. Okay, okay, okay. Let's take this out. Man, it's gonna mess up this wand. Woo, right.

That was Pedialyte, and that was 460. I don't know, we'll have to check that again. That was extremely high. Let's check out this electrolyzed reduced water. Woo.

Okay, we're back to something healthy. Actually, this is really healthy for us. This is on the other scale, on the other end of the spectrum. This is... 757. Check that out.

ORP Test

This is very, very great as an antioxidant. Negative 760. Let me check that Pedialyte one more time. I've never tested it before, but I'm just, that's like insane.

Well, not insane. That's wild. That is at, that was at that 400. No, it jumps right back there. There's no, 444. This is stuff that's aging us quick. All right. I don't know what you guys use it for, but it is definitely aging us really quick.

Let me just jump back over here. Yeah, this is like a night and day difference between these two beverages. All right. Wow, Pedialyte.

You saw me testing and seen this thing shot through the roof, man. Don't recommend consuming this. What, what... Quickly replaces electrolytes with zinc for, I wouldn't drink this.

If you value your health, I wouldn't drink it. All right, well, let's go ahead and jump to the next test. Okay, the next test that we're gonna be doing is on alkalinity.

Everybody knows about this one because you see, if you go to the health and wellness stores, you see 9.5 pH, 9.0 pH and this is a huge marketing tactic by bottled water companies, okay?

But pH is vitally important mainly to our blood. We wanna make sure our blood carries the minerals, electrolytes, and nutrients throughout all of the body, okay?

In order to do that, you wanna be consuming something that has alkaline, that has your potassium, your magnesium, your sodium, all those different minerals, electrolytes you're supposed to have.

If we don't have those from the foods that we're eating, if everything is acidic that we're consuming, our blood is gonna get those minerals still.

They're just gonna take 'em from us, okay? And we don't want that. We wanna be provided with the supplements, provided with those minerals and electrolytes so we can keep our blood and body in balance.

2. Pedialyte Review: Alkalinity

So what we're gonna do here is gonna use these pH drops. If we see a red, or orange, or yellow, that means it's acidic, and it's essentially eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body.

If we see a blue, or purple, or dark purple, we know that's alkaline, and it's bringing balance to all that acidity that we consume day in and day out.

I'm nervous about this but, let's see what we get here with Pedialyte. Wow. Wow. All right, Pedialyte is acidic. It's acidic, mad. There you have it. It's acidic.

pedialyte review

It's extremely oxidizing so far. Maybe we can use this water to maybe balance it out. I'm just curious on what what'll happen. Now, it's like literally eating.

This is what I mean by it's literally eating all the electrolytes, eating all the minerals that's in the water. Like this stuff is bad. Just think about what it's doing to your insides if you're drinking it.

pedialyte review

Hopefully we're not giving this to our kids. Do not use, use under medical supervision. I don't know what doctor is recommending this, but there you have it.

There's pH on alkalinity. That's our second test. Let's go ahead and jump into the third and final test, which is superior hydration. All right. Before I jump into this last test, I wanna share with you my go-to water. It's this right here.

All right, this is electrolyte reduced water, and I have a free masterclass that talks all about it, how it saves you thousands of dollars, and protects your health, your wallet, the environment, everything all around.

So what you wanna do is you wanna check out the description beneath this Pedialyte Review. Click that button there and it's gonna take you to a link where you can see the Masterclass.

Check it out. I'm telling you, it's gonna be completely mind blowing and you're gonna absolutely love it.

3. Pedialyte Review: Superior Hydration

Alrighty. Let's get onto that third and final test, which is superior hydration. And in order to do this, we are going to make tea.

pedialyte review

What we're gonna do here is we're going to pretend like this tea is us, it's dehydrated, and we're gonna see if we can actually make tea using this beverage, this electrolyte, okay.

Let's see what we get here. All right. This is like a syrup. It's like a light syrup. I smell it but, oh my gosh there is no way people are getting hydrated with this. What?

I don't... All right, so it's starting to get a little something, right? It's starting to get a little bit of something, but man, it is taking some work. We shouldn't have to jump up and down and get hydrated, right?

Tea Test

Let's go ahead and see what happens with this electrolyzed reduced water. And look at that, it makes tea. No problem. Man, there was like a coat.

Tea Test

I feel like there's a coating on this, because if you see any of my past videos, it happens pretty quick, right? But I feel like there's a coating of electrolyte juice on the tea bag that's preventing it from making like a stronger tea.

Man, so let's try this one more time. Yeah, this isn't, I don't know, it's not doing it. It's not making it, and I feel like it, yeah I really feel like this is some type of like not a thick syrup,

Pedialyte Review

not like a maple syrup, but like, I don't wanna paint any pictures, but I feel like it's a syrup. I feel like it's a very light, light syrup so much it's even coating this water right here.

But as you see, we're actually able to make tea pretty easily, right? So this is actually, despite the syrup covering provided by the electrolyte beverage, it's actually still able to get through that and the tea bag to make tea, okay?

Pedialyte Review

Just curious on what happens if, Can it find it? No, It can't get through all that syrup, okay. There you have it. There's our third and final test on superior hydration.

Let's go ahead and wrap this up. Man. Oh man. All right, quick recap. We did Pedialyte Review, the coconut flavor for three specific things.

The first one was antioxidants, and this, I wanna say this is one of the most oxidizing beverages I have seen since doing this channel, okay?

This is one of the most oxidizing things, I'm blown away by this pedialyte review, and I'm also blown away by doctors recommending this. We looked at the second test, which is on alkalinity, and this is acidic.

On top of being oxidizing, it is highly acidic. Last but not least, we tested for superior hydration, and I don't know what this is for.

I honestly don't know what this is for. It's not hydrating us. It's acidic. It smells a lot like coconut. That's a benefit, right? You get a lot of it too. There's a lot.

And a pharmacist and pediatrician recommended brand for hydration. Who recommended this? You know what? Not my thing. What matters is I did the review.

It's up to you, if you want to continue drinking that. And if you wanna see more tests like this, smash that subscribe button.

One more thing, if you're curious about this water here and how to get your hands on it, check out what I have for you coming up. Hey, thanks for checking this pedialyte review.

Watch the whole review on this link.

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