Penta Water Review…Is This Water That Bad For Our Health?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, today we are going to do Penta Water Review. and I help those with severe inflammation naturally beat the swelling, pain and energy drain so they can live their best life. 

 And if you're serious about the water that you're consuming there's a masterclass. I have a water wellness masterclass that's available. You can find the link at the bottom.  

Go ahead and click that link and you'll see exactly what our water's doing to us and find out what water is best for your health. With that being said, let's go ahead and open up Penta Ultra-Purified Water.

And it looks nice. I like the purple. The purple is nice. It's a little bit of a, it's like a royal purple. It's pretty nice.

And we are gonna be testing against our electrolyzed reduced water. Not, yeah. So we're gonna be testing water for three specific things.


1. Antioxidants

The first one is antioxidants, the second is alkalinity, and third superior hydration. So let's jump into the first one. 

Antioxidants, this one is the most important test and it's why I do it first. So because everything around us, the foods that we eat, the air that we breathe,

a lot of the pollution and things around us, our cell phones, all this stuff creates free radicals in this oxidation that happens in ourselves that oxidation ends up leading to inflammation.And those two things are linked to every single health disease known to man. So you're experiencing any type of -itis that is inflammation happening in your body, okay?

And so we want to reduce amount of things that we're consuming, that are, that are oxidizing us and consume more things that are antioxidants because when we do, those antioxidants, they are negatively charged. They bring down that oxidation, reduce that inflammation and they're a fountain of youth.

And a great example is, or a bad example would be these bananas that are breaking of it? These are oxidizing in real time.

And so we don't want to get old, we don't want to age like this. And so we want to really be mindful of what we're consuming.

In order to do this Penta Water Review I have a ORP meter stands for Oxidative Reduction Potential or the potential to reduce oxidation.

We're gonna put this, turn it on and put in these beverages. If we see a positive number, that means it's oxidizing us and creating more sickness and dis-ease in the body.

However, if we see a negative number, it is an antioxidant bringing down that inflammation essentially gonna keep us looking young and youthful.

All right, let's see what we get here in this Penta Water Review. All right, Penta is not playing games. It is jumping already to 300, okay? So this water is oxidizing.

Penta Water Positive ORP

This is really oxidizing water and it's still going up, right? Because it's coming in contact with the air. Let's go ahead and take a look at our electrolyzed reduced water. 

Let's see what we get there. And this one, we are getting a negative 800. See that dash? A negative 800 right there in the beginning.

Penta Water Negative ORP

So that shows that this is full of antioxidants, and that's fantastic. And I know many of you are thinking, oh I'll just get my antioxidants from our fruits and vegetables. 

And the thing though is yes you will receive antioxidants from that. However, it leaves a ash after it consumes all the nutrients from it leaves a ash and that ash is oxidizing.

So we want to consume an antioxidant. And our, the cool thing about water is it gets absorbed into the body and it leaves nothing behind, which is awesome.

So in this Penta Water Review there we have it for our first test on antioxidants as we see this water is really oxidizing. And if I wasn't doing any more tests,

that's that's really all we need to know about this water is good for health. But I do have two other tests and so let's go ahead and knock those out.


2. Alkalinity

Alright, on for our second test, which is on alkalinity and this is the one that many people know about because you're always looking for different waters,

different things that balance out her pH, right? And so this is in specifics, in specifics to our blood. Our blood must stay or remain around a 7.365.

If we get too acidic, then our body is still gonna try to maintain that balance in our blood. It's just gonna start taking the nutrients start taking the minerals,

those electrolytes potassium, magnesium, calcium from us. Okay? So it starts taking it from our bones, our joints, and our ligaments, okay?

So that's why we wake up and we're cracking we're cracking bones and things we're like, what's going on? Why am I popping or locking?

And then if that continues to happen we're gonna start to get osteoporosis and even Alzheimer's because it's gonna start taking it from our brain.

And we're gonna go through brain fog different things like that. So we want to consume things that are alkaline because it's gonna provide balance for all the acidity that we're consuming day in and day out. What I got here are pH drops.

And what I'm gonna do in this Penta Water Review is put a few drops in each of these waters and if we see a red or orange or yellow that means it's acidic and it's eating the minerals and electrolytes that's in our body. 

However, if we see a blue, purple, dark purple, it means it's alkaline to bring that balance. So let's see what we get. Oh, wow. All right. So.

Penta Water Review ORP Test

Yeah, that is I don't even think that's the normal yellow of a normal bottled water. And it makes sense, right? And I'll, I'm gonna share why in a second.

This is ultra-purified water. Okay? So anytime you read a water and it says, oh this is purified, it is going to be acidic, okay?

And this is a darker yellow than your normal bottled waters because they went through, let me see. Let's see. It says this is live pure, okay? Sourced from a natural aquifer. Penta water was taken through a patented 13-step purification process to extract all impurities. All.

The result is the purest bottled water available with less than one part per million dissolved solids. A difference you can taste and feel.You're gonna feel this because it's gonna, it is leaching all the minerals from you. Okay? So your water, water is not just water, like even out in nature anywhere.

It has minerals and stuff from the rocks it hits and things like that. What they did here was they took it from aquifer. That's awesome.

And then they removed everything, not just the the contaminants, the bad stuff, they removed all the minerals. And that leaves you with acidic water, okay?

So anytime you're looking at a water and it's acidic, or sorry, not acidic it's purified, it's distilled, it's done the reverse osmosis. Look at the labels on your bottle.

That water is going to be acidic and it's gonna leach minerals out of you, and you're gonna feel it, okay? Your bones are gonna hurt worse.

And then, yeah, I don't think, yeah this is ultra-purified water, ultra-purified and you see the results right here, okay?

On the other hand, our electrolyzed reduced water here is a nice royal purple. Kinda like what this bottle is right here, right?

And it's gonna battle back any acidity that we're consuming when it comes to our daily lives of all the delicious foods that we eat. All right? So this is acidic.

Ultra-purified. So any, once again when you hear purified, no, it's not good. Let's take a look at our third and final test in this Penta Water Review, superior hydration.

3. Superior Hydration

Alrighty onto that third and final test in this Penta Water Review which I like to call superior hydration. And just imagine like when you're really thirsty when you feel really thirsty and you just down a bunch of water, right?

What ends up happening? It just sits in our stomach, just like ca-clunk. Like it just sits there and you're just like, man I can't do jumping jacks.

I can't do back flips without throwing up all this water, right? And so you have to wait for it to process. This water is normally too big. And so what we want to do with this test here is we're gonna try to make tea. We wanna see if the water is actually small enough to pass through the tea bag,

which is dehydrated and see if it gets it hydrated at a cellular level. So this is just a representation. So what we're gonna do here is try to make tea. So let's go ahead in this Penta Water Review, try this Penta water here and let's see what we get. All right so trying to get this bag wet and so we're jumping up and down.

You shouldn't have to jump up and down to get hydrated but let's see what we get. I'm just. It's not hydrating us. Look, it's not, if you see me do these videos before you've seen other waters hydrated a faster rate than this,

Penta Water Review Superior Hydration1

and I'm just constantly dunking and I'm slowly getting something now very slowly. And yeah, just look at this, this is insane.

Let me go ahead in this Penta Water Review and try this electrolyzed reduced water. Boom, immediately makes tea. It's like 40 times like at least 400 times stronger than this right here.

Superior Hydration

This is like, I'm, I barely didn't even work to make tea. But I know what you're probably thinking, you're like LaPrentiss the bag was already wet so let's try it again.

And you're right, the bag was wet. Let's see it again. Let's see if maybe it'll work this time. Maybe it'll be a little bit better.

And I'm trying, man like this stuff, okay it's making a little bit now, but I think it's partially mainly from the residual of this one. It's not, it's not doing it.

Superior Hydration

We aren't getting a lot of tea out of this, okay? So think about this. If we wanna get hydrated at a cellular level and we don't want our mouth to be dry,

then this is clearly not the water. It's barely making tea, right? And so you're like, what does this have to do with making tea? Here's what it has to do with it.

Your, the water molecules, when you make tea, they get so small that they're able to pull out the nutrients from the tea.

Superior Hydration

And the thing though is you don't, you shouldn't have to boil the water to make tea. Look at that. So with the right water, we could actually hydrate you better. All right?

So there you have it in this Penta Water Review. Just did three different tests, right? On this water on this Penta Ultra-Purified water. The first thing we tested it for was antioxidants.

And we saw that this water is oxidizing it is off the charts that around a 300, and it was going up. Second thing we tested for was alkalinity. And we saw that this is acidic because it's purified through 13 stages a 13-step purification process, which is wild. Congrats. Congrats.

Penta Water Review Last

And then the last test we did was on alkalinity and we, or sorry, superior hydration. And we saw that this doesn't hydrate us. In fact, we know it leaches the minerals from our body.It doesn't hydrate us. And this is in the health stores. So you're paying, people are paying more for water that's making them worse. You feel thirsty. And then what do you do?

You go out, you buy more. All right, so that concludes this Penta Water Review. If you are serious about your health hopefully you learn something about this water share it with someone who drinks this Penta Water and I look forward to checking you out, connecting with you guys in the next video. I really hope you enjoyed it and you learned a little something about the waters that we tested here today.

You can check whole review on this link

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