Perrier PH Level…Is This French Water Alkaline or Acidic?

Hey, what is going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and I help those with severe inflammation naturally beat the swelling, pain, and energy drains so they can live their best life. Today we are gonna do a perrier water ph level test. So let's go ahead and get this opened up. Bubbly. You hear the carbonation, and of course, we're gonna add these pH drops. 

And in this perrier water ph level test, if we see a red, or orange, or yellow, that means it's acidic. And if we see a blue, or a purple, or dark purple, that means it's alkaline. Green is neutral.

Perrier water pH Level

Let's see what we get in this perrier water ph level test. Oh my gosh, take a look at that. That is acidic. There you have it. Perrier, France's water, carbonated water, is acidic.

To see the full review that I do on this water, make sure to check out the link , and I will see you in that next review.

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