Perrier Water Review…Is This French Mineral Water Good For Your Health?

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Perrier Water Review

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Perrier Water Review

All right let move on to the perrier water review. So Perrier is one of one of the finest carbonated waters, most popular, widely-known carbonated waters out there.

And we are gonna be putting it up to the test against our electrolyzed reduced water. Look at those bubbles! We're gonna be testing it for three specific things.

1. Antioxidants

First one in this perrier water review is antioxidants, second is alkalinity, and third, superior hydration. Let's start with that first one, antioxidants. This one is vital.

It is the one we do first because it's the most important. So there are things that we are taking in all the time, whether it's the electronics, the foods that we eat, the things that we drink, and they are creating these things all around us that are taking away electrons from our healthy cells.

When that happens, that creates oxidation and that leads to inflammation. Those two things are linked to every single health disease known to man.

So if you're experiencing any kind of -itis, that is inflammation happening in your body... That can be bronchitis, tendonitis, right? That is inflammation happening.

So we wanna consume antioxidants: your fruits, your vegetables, your vitamin A, your vitamin C, vitamin E.

Because they are not only good for us but they're gonna provide those extra electrons that's gonna reduce that oxidation, lower that inflammation, and get you getting back to your youthful self.

Right here we have a ORP meter for this perrier water review and this is what we're gonna use to test oxidation, okay? If we see a positive number when we put this wand in these waters, that means it is oxidizing us. It's actually starting to have us look like these bananas here.

Positive ORP

It's creating more sickness and dis-ease in the body. If we see a negative number, it means it's antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, it's essentially gonna keep us looking young.

How's this Perrier water going to do? Let's find out. All right, here we go. Getting a lot of that carbonation on the water or getting it on the wand, rather.

And look at this, this is... 375! 375, and it's going up because of the air it's coming into contact with. So this is... pretty oxidizing. This is really oxidizing.

Positive ORP

If you look at the scale, it's hitting towards the top of that scale. So this is very oxidizing. If you've seen this channel before, you've seen other things be a lot lower.

And this is at the top. I wanna say it's because of the carbonation, right? Let's go on the other side and check out this electrolyzed reduced water and see how it does.

All right. And this one is... doing what? A 772, negative? You see that dash, that dash right there? So it is a -777. That is lucky. Like we're at the casino, we are winning, I'm telling you right now. So this is full of antioxidants and this water, if you care about your health, then something with antioxidants is really good for you.

Negative ORP

There's not gonna be any problems there. So as far as the first test of antioxidants this is very oxidizing for us. Well, let's go ahead and take a look at the second test, which is alkalinity. All right, onto that second test of alkalinity.

2. Alkalinity

Of course, everybody knows about this cuz we're talking about pHs. Specifically, this has to do with the pH of our blood, not the pH of our stomach acid or anything like that.

We're talking about our blood because our blood carries all the nutrients and everything to all the different parts of our body. So, we want to make sure that that is slightly alkaline. 7.365, actually.

The foods that we eat, the snacks, the smoking, the tobacco, all that type of stuff, affects if our blood stays that slightly alkaline or acidic. If it is acidic, our body is gonna do what it can to keep our blood in that slightly alkaline state, which means if we're not consuming anything alkaline, it's gonna start leaching it from us.

It's gonna start taking it from our skin. Our skin's gonna start drying out. It's gonna start taking it from our bones, our joints, and our ligaments. Because this is where our calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium come from.

So it's gonna start leaching it from our body. It's gonna start taking it from our bones. This is how osteoporosis happens. We're gonna start getting Alzheimer's if we continue to stay in that acidic state. So we want to also have a water or a beverage that is alkaline, right?

So I have these pH drops and in this perrier water review I'm gonna put a few drops in each of these. If we see a red, a orange or a yellow, it's acidic, it's eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body. If we see a purple, a blue, dark purple, anything like that, that means it's alkaline and it's gonna actually bring the balance to all that stuff that we're constantly consuming. Perrier.

Ph Test

 Electrolyzed reduced water. So... Yeah, this stuff is acidic and once again, it's because of the carbonation. Actually, I'm not even sure, it could be more than the carbonation. But the carbonation plays a huge role in this.

Even though it's from France and has a nice, beautiful bottle, this is acidic. ... and oxidizing. But yes, acidic, as well. So there you have it. Let's go ahead and move on to that third and final test: superior hydration.

3. Superior Hydration

All right, on to that third and final test on superior hydration in this perrier water review. In order to do this one, we are going to make tea. So we have some Lipton 100% natural green teas here. We're gonna see if we can make tea with our water.

Superior Hydration

The reason why we're doing this is, it's a representation of the structure of the water, how small it is and if it's actually able to pass through the tea bag to pull out the nutrients. Because this is essentially what we want our water to do.

We want it to hydrate us, get through our cellular walls and actually hydrate us at a cellular level, instead of just sitting in our stomach. We'll see what happens with Perrier. I don't have a lot left so we're gonna have to see what happens here.

Can y'all hear the fizz? Man, the bubbliness. But look at this, man, it's not... let's see. We'll do a lot of dunking here. This is supposed to be a water, like water is supposed to hydrate us. Right now, I'm having some challenges to get this to get through the tea bag.

Perrier Water Review

All right, this is not panning out well. Let's go ahead... Oh, we're getting a little color, right? A little bit. Let's try this electrolyzed reduced water, see what happens. Look at that, we immediately start making tea.

This is how you want your water to react, you want it to immediately go in there, hydrate you, push out the waste, bring in the nutrients so you can start feeling good, start detoxing, start feeling good, right? Get rid of that waste.

Let's go ahead in this perrier water review and try it again cuz the bag was wet. I mean, I gave it a ton of time over there but it still didn't seem to make much. So let's go ahead and try this one more time. See what we get here.

I'm giving this all the water... and look, if you look at it close, this bag is... like it puffed up and inflated from the carbonation. So if you're... like, man. The bag is getting puffy and so it's inflamed, like literally.

Perrier Water Review

So this is what's happening to our body when we start consuming carbonated beverages. It got all puffy and big. We're starting to get a little something now. But, man, is it anywhere close to that color, that look?

Man... it's not doing it. All right, one more time with the electrolyzed reduced water. This is how you should be getting hydrated. This isn't hydrating us, okay? It's not. So if you're drinking this or if you know someone who's like, "Oh, man, Perrier is my favorite water," they are severely dehydrated.

I'm telling you right now. Help 'em out, give them a regular bottle of water and I think it'll do light years better than this carbonated French water. Okay? I haven't done this. Let's see what happens if I just add this to... it's tough, man.

Perrier Water Review

It was not able to pull out anything, really. That's crazy. Normally, I could do this and get something to come out. This one a little bit better. But man, that is oxidizing. It's acidic. So here you have it. We've tested it for three specific things. Tested Perrier for antioxidants, we saw that this is oxidizing us. We saw this at... 300?

Perrier Water Review

I don't even remember now. So like over 300 and something, right? Tested it for alkalinity, we saw that this is acidic. This carbonated water is not a water we should be drinking if we're looking to get hydrated. And third, superior hydration.

Perrier Water Review

We see that even after doing a water that does hydrate well, because we've already taken this in, it is not able to do anything as far as hydrate us. This is a horrible, horrible water if you're trying to drink for your health. So I don't know what marketing they do but I would not. 

If you're trying to get healthy, if you're trying to improve your health and get rid of that oxidation, that inflammation that I've mentioned in the beginning, this is not it. But once again, if you're serious about your health and you wanna learn of a better water, check out what I have coming up for you and I will see you in the next video.

Hey, thank you for taking the time out to read about this perrier water review. I really hope you enjoyed it and you learned a little something about the waters that we tested here today. You can check the video of this perrier water review on youtube here

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