Poland Spring Origin Water Review…Is This Best For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in today's video we are gonna do Poland Spring Origin water review. Let's go ahead and get this poured up.

 Man. I don't know. This, if in case you didn't know is made by Nestle or it was made by Nestle North America, and guess what they changed their name to, what is it?

Blue Triton Brands. So check that out. Okay. Nestle North America changed their name and a lot of changes are happening now, right? '

Cause a lot of people ask for me to test Poland Springs and now there's this Poland Spring's ORIGIN. Nestle changes the name of Nestle North America.

So, uh something fishy is going on here. Okay? That's all I'm gonna say. Look it up. It's pretty crazy. We're gonna be testing it against this electrolyzed reduced water.

1. Poland Spring Origin Water Review: Antioxidants

Okay, now the very first thing we're gonna test for is antioxidants. And this is the most important part of this test.

The reason why is because we have everything around us, like everything around us just about has these things known as free radicals.

And they come in and they take electrons from our healthy cells, and that creates oxidation and inflammation in our cells, and that is linked to every single health disease known to man. Okay?

So we want to stop that. We wanna prevent that. And the best way to, not exactly stop it, but slow it down is antioxidants. All right?

These are your fruits, your vegetables your vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. These are full of electrons that we can give to cells and ultimately reduce that oxidation, lower that inflammation, and get us to that fountain of youth where we stay looking young. Okay?

So we're gonna test this using an ORP meter. ORP stands for oxidative reduction potential. And so if we see a positive number here that means these waters are oxidizing us.

It's creating more sickness and disease in the body, ultimately aging us quicker. If we see a negative number that means it's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory it's gonna keep us young.

Let's see what we get with Poland Springs. How in the heck? Let's see what we get. Alrighty.

So as you see, it is a positive number, sitting around a positive 200 now, and it's steadily going up. Once again, the air around us is oxidizing, right? So does not help.

Negative ORP

Oh, wow, it just jumped up to 230. All right. Let's take a look at this electrolyzed reduced water and see what we get here. Check that out. We are getting a negative.

Look at that. Check that dash, a negative 730, 735. This is a very, very strong antioxidant. And part of the reason why is because hydrogen.

Positive ORP

Hydrogen is the strongest antioxidant known to man and electrolyzed reduced water is full of hydrogen. Okay? So there you have it.

It's a very, very strong antioxidant, which is fantastic and this is what we want to be consuming. With that being said, this is already oxidizing.

I'm not really too worried about the rest of this test but let's go ahead and look at some other things to look out for when it comes to Poland Spring ORIGINs. All right?

2. Poland Spring Origin Water Review: Alkalinity

The second thing we're gonna test for when it comes to Poland Springs is alkalinity. And everybody pretty much knows about alkalinity.

And everyone knows that we want to stay slightly alkaline, specifically our blood. We must maintain a 7.365, and with all the acidic stuff that we're eating, the burgers, the fries, the cookies, the candies, all that stuff is acidic.

So we want to neutralize that with something that is alkaline, right? If not, our body's gonna start taking those minerals, the potassium, the magnesium, the sodiums from us, okay?

It's gonna start taking it from our skin. That's how we get eczema. That's how our skin gets really dry and crunchy.

It's gonna start taking it from our bones, our joints, and our ligaments, okay? This is why our knees starts hurting or our ankles starts throbbing, right?

If we continue to let it happen we can even get osteoporosis and even Alzheimer's. Okay? So alkalinity neutralizes that acidity.

So what we're gonna do it here is we're gonna use these pH drops and we're gonna check these waters to see if they're either acidic, eat minerals or alkaline, which is bring in that balance and neutralizing acidity.

If we get red or orange or yellow, it's acidic. If we get a blue, purple, a dark purple, it's alkaline Let's see what we get.

All right, really quick, before we see what happens, I know what you're thinking. You're like LaPrentiss, what water do you recommend?

And I actually recommend this, this electrolyzed reduced water. So to learn more about it, I have a free masterclass that talks all about, not only this water,

but finding the best waters in the world and really finding out what's best for your health and your wallet, okay? Click the description beneath this video.

Check out that link and it's gonna take you to the masterclass where you can learn everything you need to know about water. All right? Okay, let's see what we get.

All right, so electrolyzed reduced water is sitting around the purple. Sitting between a nine, maybe a 10, and then then this Poland Springs here.

Ph Test

I'm not sure, it looks neutral, right? Yeah, it makes sense. I mean, it's a spring water. Looking at the back of it, it doesn't say anything. It says it comes from a glacier aquifer.

All these things, man, you know what? I just don't, I don't know, I don't, call me crazy. I want to test it, okay?

So normally if something appears alkaline, I want to blow into it and see what it does to see if it actually maintains that alkalinity, okay?

But the way everything is changed up on this, I want to see if this actually maintains its neutralness. Okay? So let me go ahead and blow into this real quick, see what we get.

Ph Test

Wow. Is it me or did it change? I don't, man, I don't know, man. I don't trust it. So they changed their name, they changed the, the, the look, call it ORIGIN, but it doesn't seem to be neutral.

So I, I don't know what's going on. I'm, I'm confused, but I, oh my gosh, I'm glad I did this. Let me go ahead and test this one as well, okay? Like, it doesn't change, okay?

So you're not even getting neutral with this, okay? And neutral isn't really going to battle back the acidity that we're consuming day in and day out.

But even worse is, it's pretty dishonest if you ask me. I don't, yeah, I don't know. I don't know what's going on with it.

But your spring waters are normally neutral and they normally stay neutral. They maintain that neutrality, okay? I don't know what's going on with this, okay?

May I have to get with them about it? But there you have it. I did this test on alkalinity, and it's really acidic. Alrighty, onto our third and final test.

Man, I'm still blown away. And this one is all about superior hydration, okay? We want our water, our water to actually hydrate us at a cellular level, not just sit in our stomach. Okay?

3. Poland Spring Origin Water Review: Superior Hydration,

So the best way to demonstrate that is with tea. We're gonna try to make some tea. And if you have ever tried to, which, I don't know maybe some of you have tried to put a vine of grapes into a bottle.

It's not gonna work, right? The grapes are gonna fall out. The, maybe one or two will make it in. The rest will fall all over the place. The vine will break, chaos right?

However, if we took those grapes and individually plucked them and put them into the bottle, we can get them all in, right? Our water is the same way.

We can't get big old clusters of water into our cells. They have to be small enough to actually hydrate us at that cellular level.

And this tea, teabag test is a great representation of that. So let's see if we can make tea using Poland Spring's ORIGIN water. All righty, this is uh, all right, it's not working too hot.

So we're gonna do a little, a little dunking and see what we get? I don't know, man. This is starting to look a lot like a purified water, okay? I know it says it's spring water.

Poland Spring Origin Water Review

But that's looking very purified. It has qualities of purified water. And the reason why I'm saying that is because it's barely hydrating. I mean, it is making tea.

 I'll give it that. It's making tea, but man, it doesn't look like a tea I want to drink, right? Let's see what happens with this electrolyzed reduced water.

Poland Spring Origin Water Review

Look at that, it's like a night and day difference. This tea is much stronger. It's much bolder tea. This is something I, I, I would want to drink, right?

But let's check it one more time just because I mean, you guys would probably say the bag was wet, right? It wasn't wet the first one. So let's see what this one.

Poland Spring Origin Water Review

And once again, it's the same thing. So it's definitely starting to look like Poland Springs and I'm, I know this says natural, I know it says spring water.

I don't know, this ain't a spring that I, that I would recommend right now. Let's try this one more time. Look at that.

Poland Spring Origin Water Review

So if you're taking supplements or if you're even cooking and you're using ingredients you want a water that's gonna actually go in and bring out the flavor without needing all of that season and salt.

Instead of needing all that brown sugar, instead of all those BCAAs, you could use just a little bit and get the same thing. So yeah, this looks lighter, right?

And if we change the water. Okay, that definitely gets bolder. So yeah, it's the water. Okay? So there you have it. That is our test on superior hydration.

Let's go ahead and wrap up this poland spring origin water review. Alright, so we tested Poland Spring's ORIGIN for three specific things.

The first one was antioxidants and we saw that this water is oxidizing us, okay? It's definitely helping out the aging process in the worst way, okay?

The second thing we tested for was alkalinity. And this appeared neutral, and I don't know why I just felt with all the changes that has been happening with Nestle and Poland Springs changing their name ORIGINs, I wanted to check it. And it's actually, it's acidic.

It's acting a lot like a purified water or a reverse osmosis. Which are essentially almost the same.

And then we tested it for superior hydration and we saw that doesn't hydrate, maybe 10 to 15%. So you're ending up buying more of Nestle's water because it's not doing a job.

It's not doing the job that you deserve your water to do. All right? I don't know. ORIGINs, I don't trust it. All right, I'm not trusting Nestle for anything. Name changes, any of that.

But there you have it. That's poland spring origin water review. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you like this review, give it a thumbs up.

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And last but not least, if you're curious about this water check out what I have for you coming up. Hey, thanks for checking this poland spring origin water review. 

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