Propel Water PH Test…Is This Acidic Or Alkaline?

-Hey, what is happening? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and today, we are gonna do a quick propel water ph test, okay. Electrolyte solution, electrolyte water beverage. 

Let's go ahead and pour this up. And we are checking for pH in this propel water ph test, which means if we see a red or orange or yellow, we know it's acidic, green is neutral.

Propel Water PH Test

We see a purple, blue or even a dark purple. We know that's alkaline, okay? Let's see what we get with Propel. Oh, boy, yep, this is acidic. As you can see there, it is very acidic.

Propel Water PH Test

So a lot of people are drinking this especially when you see the athletes drink it. But there's more to this water than just the pH. So check out the full review.

It's either to my left, to my right, somewhere around me. Check out that review, you're gonna absolutely love it. Thanks for checking this Propel Water PH Test. And I look forward to seeing you in that review.

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