Qure Water PH Test…Is This The Best Water For Your Health?

Hey what's going on? LaPrentiss Demond here, and today I'm gonna do qure water ph test, or Qure, Qure water. 

Let's get this poured up, and what I'm gonna do is, add some PH drops. If we see a red, orange, or yellow, we know that's acidic, and it is eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body.

If we see a blue or purple or dark purple, we know that is alkaline, it's keeping our body balanced, and neutralizing that acidity.

And if we see that, any of those colors, I'm gonna blow into it see if it actually is truly alkaline or if it's just presenting it. Let's see what we get.

Qure Water PH test

All right, so this says it is a PH of 10. Let's go ahead and see if it truly is alkaline, if it is it's gonna be able to battle back that acidity with no problem.

And it'll probably keep its same color. Let's see what happens. Well there you have it, Qure PH 10 water is fake, it's trash alkaline water.

Qure Water PH test

So there's more to this water though than what meets the eye so you wanna check out the full review on this link, it should be somewhere around me here. 

Go ahead and check that out, thanks for check this qure water ph test, and I'll see you next video.

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