Qure Water Reviews…Is This The Best Water For Your Health?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and today I am doing qure water review, I think Qure is how you spell it, or say it, Q-U-R-E water to see how great it is for our health. All right?

Let's go ahead and get this poured up. There's a lot of different awards here, right? So, it says it is the official water of a lot of different things. So we are gonna see how it is, and we're gonna test it here against this electrolyzed reduced water right over here.

Boom. All right. So, the first thing we are gonna test it for is antioxidants. And what we're gonna do here is we're gonna use this ORP meter, which stands for oxidative reduction potential or the potential to reduce oxidation.

1. Qure Water Reviews: Antioxidants

We're gonna see if this water is positive on the meter here, all right? 'Cause if it's positive, that means it's oxidizing us. It's creating rust, inflammation, and dis-ease in the body. So, ultimately makin' us older, okay?

However, if we see a negative number when we put this wand in the water, that means it is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and it's gonna keep us looking young and healthy, okay?

So let's go ahead in this qure water reviews and turn this on, and let's see what we get here with Qure 10. Remember, positive is bad. Negative is good. As you see here, we have a +178, okay? So, that means it's oxidizing us.

Positive ORP

It's creating more sickness in the body, all right? 182, and it's going up. Let's compare it to this electrolyzed reduced water and see what we get here. And, oh my gosh, you see that dash there? That's what you want with your water.

So, this is showing a -771. All right? And that's a negative, all right, which means is it's a antioxidant, and it's gonna be fantastic for reducing inflammation or an "itis," okay? So, think of bronchitis, tendonitis, fasciitis.

Negative ORP

If you want to lower that stuff, you want to be drinking something that's full of antioxidants. I just wanna check one more time to make sure we aren't... That it's not a flute. Yep, and this is still showing positive.

It's still oxidizing us, all right? Let's go ahead and jump into the second test, which is on alkalinity. Okay, onto that second test, which is on alkalinity. And pretty sure if you drink this water and you're buying it, it's because you saw that it says a pH of 10, okay?

2. Qure Water Reviews: Alkalinity

But we're gonna go ahead and test it for it's alkalinity anyhow. And if we see a red, or orange, or yellow, like this shirt, it is acidic , okay? And it's actually eatin' the minerals and electrolytes that's in our body.

However, if we see a blue, or purple, or a dark purple, that means its alkaline, and it's keepin' our body balanced. It's balancing out, taking out that acidity. Let's see what we get. Huh. Well. Looks good, right? So, this is looking like a 10.

Ph Test

These are looking about the same, right? So, now I gotta see if it actually withstand that acidity. So, it's one thing to be alkaline, but it's another thing to actually withstand it.

So, I'ma go ahead and put my stink breath into this water, blow in it and see if it actually handle the acidity I put into it with the carbon dioxide? Is that what I put in there, carbon dioxide? We'll see. Wow.

Ph Test blowing

Didn't last long. It immediately went to yellow, right? So it's funny because lookin' at this, it's the official water of Surf City USA, a lot of places, which it means it's great at marketing. And it says here, it's alkaline plus electrolytes.

Think about it for a moment. If something is alkaline, it already has the minerals that makes it alkaline, and you don't have to add in electrolytes. Electrolytes are just your minerals, your potassium, magnesium, calcium, okay?

And you're adding in extra electrolytes? You shouldn't have to if it's already alkaline, right? But clearly that's not the case. And they have a pH scale on the back here, which is interesting.

Qure Water Reviews blowing

But it shows here that this is purified water, which means the water was good, and then they ripped everything out of it. And I'm curious on if they did it through reverse osmosis. Doesn't really show here.

But either way, they stripped it of all the natural minerals and then add in electrolytes when it already had the minerals, okay? That is your Qure ph 10 water.

3. Qure Water Reviews: Superior Hydration

Let's go ahead and test it, this water, to make sure or even to see if it does something similar to Qure. All right. So, it doesn't change. Why? Because it's not purified water. It's not purified.

And on top of that, we're not adding chemicals in to make it a pure alkaline, right? So, fantastic marketing by these guys because it says pH 10. It is alkaline, which on top of that adds electrolytes. So, they make an extra alkaline, I guess.

And then you see all the people that they've made money off of along the side, right? So you're like, "Oh yeah, this is an official water. It shows a alkaline scale, it shows Qure as a 10. That means it has to be good for me, right?" Ultimately, it's not.

And so on top of that, we're paying big money for this because it is a alkaline bottle of water. So, there you have it, pH test. This is really, really acidic. Let's go on to that third and final test, superior hydration.

All right, onto that third test in this qure water reviews, superior hydration. If you haven't seen this before, we are going to make tea! This is how we do it.

Qure water reviews

And the reason why is because we want to make sure that we are gettin' hydrated at a cellular level, meaning it's not just sitting in our stomach waiting to go process like all your foods and stuff like that, right?

So, this tea bag is a great representation. So, let's see if we can make tea using Qure. I think it's Qure. Think that's how you say it. All right, it is not making tea. And you're probably thinking, "Well, duh, LaPrentiss. Of course it's not gonna make tea.

Qure Water Reviews Tea Bag

You gotta boil the water to make tea, right?" Well, why are we boiling the water? We're really boiling the water so it can pass through the tea bag and actually make the tea. And we're actually starting to get it now, now that I'm bouncing it up and down a little bit.

We are starting to get some tea. All right, so now... I mean, it looks all right, looks okay. We'll see how it does with our electrolyzed reduced water. And look at that.

Qure Water Reviews Tea Bag2

The tea is darker. Look at this. And it didn't require the bouncing up and down, right? So, I feel bad for all these guys at Surf City, the OC Half Marathon.

They're running, right? So this is kinda gettin' through them. But look at the difference between what they're getting and what they should be getting, right?

Let's go ahead and try it one more time just to see, make sure it wasn't a trick. And we are getting a little bit of something here, which isn't bad, right? We're getting something.

Qure Water Reviews

Did a little bit o' bouncing. I'm sorry. I said I wasn't gonna do that. And let's do it right here with the electrolyzed reduced water. Again, this water is just...

This is how your tea is supposed to come out, right? When you drink tea, you don't want a tea light. You want the full thing. Sorry, let me try one more thing. I'ma put these over here. all right, cool. We're gonna take a little bit of this one here.

We're gonna squeeze it in. 'Cause it did make some tea, right? So, maybe it'll make some more if it doesn't require the tea bag, right? Yeah, we'll do that. So, let's try this Qure one more time. Okay, it makes a little bit o' something, right?

Qure Water Reviews

All right, but nowhere as good as this, right? Doesn't take much to dilute it, right? So, it doesn't dilute it as quick. But you can see there's clearly a difference here, right? And with the right water, this tea can actually become a lot better, a lot stronger.

So if you're taking supplements for your run or you're takin' pre-workout, post-workout, any of that type of stuff, you want to be takin' it with the right water. That way it gets into your cells and hydrates you, brings in that nutrients and pushes out that waste, okay?

So, there you have it. Those are the three. Let's go ahead and do a quick recap of this water. All right, so we tested Qure water for three specific things.

The first one was antioxidants, and we saw that this is oxidizing. So, the rest of the tests don't matter because this is makin' us sicker. This is creatin' more sickness and dis-ease in the body.

On top of that, though, we tested it for alkalinity, which is number two, and it looked like it was alkaline, but it's really not. It's really a type of, what, purified? Purified water? And then it added in extra electrolytes on water that was good that they stripped of minerals.

 That makes it acidic in the long run, which is bad because all the things that we're consuming, the cakes, the cookies, the ice creams, all those things, a lot of them, they're acidic.

And we want a water that has a strong pH that's gonna be able to battle back all of that acidity that we're taking. And this water, even though we're paying a premium price for it, even though it's backed by all these different people, it's not cuttin' it.

It's backed by Bank of America. Oh, man. And then last but not least, we tested it for superior hydration, and we wanted to see how well it could actually hydrate us on a cellular level.

And it does a little bit. It does better than a lot of the normal bottled waters, but ultimately it just doesn't do well, all right? So, there you have it. That's my review on Qure water.

 Hopefully, you enjoy this video. Share it with someone who you know drinks this water so they can be informed, and we can actually save our money by not buying the stuff that's not actually doing us any good.

Thanks for watching this. And if you're ready, if you are serious, if you are someone who cares about the water that you drink, check out what I got for you here comin' up.

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