San Pellegrino Water Review…Is This The Best For Your Health?

 Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in today's video we are gonna do a San Pellegrino water review. All right, let's go ahead and open this up.

Supposed to be a natural mineral water. It's a little bubbly. Awesome. And we are going to test this against this electrolyzed reduced water. All right, let's get it going.

1. San Pellegrino Water Review: Antioxidants

So the first thing we are gonna test for is antioxidants in this San Pellegrino water review. And this is the most important portion of everything that we're gonna be testing today.

The reason why is because we have all these things around us, known as free radicals, and they are everywhere.

They're in our phones, they're in our food, even in the air that we breathe. And these free radicals, they come in and they take the electrons from our healthy cells.

And when it happens that creates oxidation and inflammation. And those two things are linked to every single health disease known to man.

So that ends up leading to pretty much our cells rusting. 'Kay? Aging, sickness, and disease, 'kay? So we gotta have those antioxidants.

These are found in your fruits, your vegetables, your Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. They actually bring electrons and put 'em back into our cells, which is gonna remove that oxidation, lower that inflammation, and keep us looking young and healthy, 'kay?

How do we test that though? We find that by using a ORP meter. If we see a positive number here, that means it's oxidizing us and it's creating more harm in the body.

If we see a negative number, then that means it's an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. So let's see what we get here with Pellegrino Water. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. All right.

We'll see what we get. All right, so I see a 2. Oh wow. It's going up. So that carbonation, looks like it's playing a pretty strong role here. It's looking 320. Okay. 327. It's going up.

Positive ORP

Yeah, I'll say around 3-. It's going higher so, we'll say 330, right? Even though it's looking like 340. And I wanna say it's that carbonation. Yeah, this is going crazy, 'kay.

Let's go ahead and compare it, though, to this electrolyzed reduced water. Let's see how this does. Wow, look at that! That's the opposite direction. Negative 750, check that dash.

Negative ORP

That's a negative number, which means it's a very, very strong antioxidant. And I think over on our little chart there, it only goes up to like a negative 400.

This is almost doing double that! It's really, really strong antioxidant. And the reason why for this is because there's hydrogen in it and hydrogen is the strongest antioxidant known to man. 'Kay.

So it's just something to keep in mind. So already look at it, San Pellegrino, it's oxidizing us, like on a big way. So that concludes this first test.

2. San Pellegrino Water Review: Alkalinity

Let's go ahead and jump onto that second test in this san pellegrino water review, which is on alkalinity. All right. Onto that second test, which is all about alkalinity.

And we want to make sure that our blood maintains a proper alkalinity. You want it slightly alkaline, 'kay? Our blood is 80% water.

So it makes sense that the water that we're drinking is alkaline over acidic, okay? So. The question is, what are we drinking and is it oxidizing or, sorry, acidic or alkaline?

If we're consuming things that are acidic all the time, in addition to our foods, we're consuming beverages that are acidic, our body is looking for those electrolytes, 'kay?

To balance out all that acidity. If we're not providing it then it's gonna start taking it from us. It's gonna start taking it from our skin.

This is how we end up having crunchy and ashy looking skin all the time. It's gonna start taking from our bones, our joints, and our ligaments.

And this is how we end up popping bones and not being able to do the physical workouts we enjoy because we're in constant pain. It's how osteoporosis happens.

If it continues, we have Alzheimer's, 'kay? So it's vitally important that we balance out all that acidic stuff that we're consuming with some stuff that's alkaline, right?

 With that being said, I add these pH drops. pH stands for potential hydrogen, 'kay? I'ma add these drops into both these beverages.

Ph Test

If we see a red or orange or yellow, we know that's acidic and it's eating the minerals and electrolytes in our body.

If we see a blue or purple or dark purple we know it's alkaline, it is helping bring balance, 'kay. Let's see what we get. Wow, there you have it. This is acidic. Clearly we can see this.

Look at this. And it makes sense because it's carbonated. Carbonated beverages are acidic. This is not- yeah. I don't even see any real ingredients here.

This carbonated mineral water. So any carbonation is gonna lead to acidity, okay? Just keep that in mind. So all of your sodas, anything that has carbon in it.

Carbonation is gonna be acidic, it's gonna show up that way and it's not great for our health, 'kay? So keep that in mind.

If you're looking at hydrating this is not gonna hydrate you. Actually, if you're looking for alkalinity this is not it.All right?

3. San Pellegrino Water Review: Superior Hydration

With that being said, let's jump into that third and final test that we have coming up in this san pellegrino water review. All right, onto our third and final test.

But, actually before I do that, if you're curious about this water, if you're asking like, "man, what water does he recommend drinking?" This is what I recommend drinking.

And if you're interested in that, I have a masterclass down below. So go ahead and click the description portion of this video. Go ahead and click that link.

It's gonna take you to my free masterclass that shares with you exactly how this water works, how to have it in the comfort of your home, and save thousands of dollars in the process as you drink one of the world's best waters. All right?

Now let's go ahead and finish on with our final test. And this is on superior hydration. Our water should actually hydrate us. It shouldn't dehydrate us, 'kay?

So a great way to test that is by making tea. You're probably thinking, "LaPrentiss, like why? Like how? How are you making tea? You're gonna boil water in front of us?" No, no, no.

san pellegrino water review

I'm not gonna do that. What I'm gonna do though is we're gonna see if this water can actually pass through the tea bag.

Water that is actually able to hydrate us is going to be a much smaller size, in smaller like little packets. And there's actually a difference of big water or small water.

So we're gonna check and see if this water is too big or too small to actually make tea. Sounds crazy. I know. Just work with me here, all right?

Let's see what we get here with Pellegrino Water. Oh my gosh, look at this. The bag is all puffy, it's all inflated. There is no way I'm getting any water out of this. Oh my gosh.

San Pellegrino Water Review

Or getting any tea. And this is, look at this bag! This is like literally what happens when we drink a carbonated beverage, right? We get all big and puffy.

Filled up with a lot of gas, have to burp. So yeah, we are barely getting any tea and I'm having to bounce this up and down to get some. To get a little bit, to get something, right?

This is definitely not hydrating us at that cellular level that we want. Let's see what happens with this electrolyzed reduced water.

San Pellegrino Water Review

Look at that! Immediately starts making tea. And this water is cold, there ain't nothing to it It's just that's a smaller water.

So it's actually able to go through the tea bag and actually pull out the nutrients, which is great because our water is a vehicle.

It actually delivers those minerals, those electrolytes that we're talking about when it comes to pH.

And at the same time, once it gets into the cells it helps push out the waste and it carries it through the lymphatic system so we can get rid of it, 'kay? But, let's try it one more time.

I have a little bit left. We'll see what happens. Nah, I don't think we're getting anything out of this. Stuff is not- And just makes you feel bloated, right?

San Pellegrino Water Review

Nah, I don't think there's much minerals in here for it to be a mineral water, right? But, see with the right water though.

Man, we immediately start to feel a lot better and be a lot better, 'kay? So there you have it. That is the tea test. That's why I call it the tea test.

San Pellegrino Water Review

And as you see, this water does nothing when it comes to hydrating us. So let's go ahead and wrap up this review.

 All right, for our conclusion we tested San Pellegrino Water tested for three specific things. First one was antioxidants and we saw that this is oxidizing.

This was like around a 300, 320, something like that. And then we tested it for alkalinity and then we saw that's acidic on top of that. This is a carbonated beverage.

Every carbonated beverage is pretty much gonna fall into line with this, 'kay? And guess what? It takes a lot of water to neutralize a soda or a carbonated beverage, 'kay?

So you really want to stay away from these if you're serious about improving your health. Last but not least, we tested it for superior hydration to see if it actually hydrate us at a cellular level.

And it doesn't. Probably because of all that carbonation that's blocking it off, 'kay? So there you have it.

That's my review on San Pellegrino Water. If you enjoyed this san pellegrino water review and want to see more, you can check out the full review here.

And if you want to learn more about this water check out what I have for you coming up. Hey, thanks for check out this san pellegrino water review. 

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