SmartWater Alkaline 9+PH Test…Is This Acidic Or Alkaline?

Hey, what's going on? I'm LaPrentiss Demond, and in this video we are gonna do a Smartwater Alkaline 9+ph test, wait, Alkaline, all right. Almost said antioxidant.

It's really the alkaline version. So let's pour this up. And we already know kind of what's gonna happen with this right? So we have tested for pH.

If we see a red or orange or yellow, which I doubt we'll see immediately, we know that's acidic. We see a blue or purple or dark purple, we know that's alkaline.

And there's something special I do with these, okay? Anytime when something shows up alkaline, I'm gonna test it. Okay, I'm gonna blow into it.

And when I blow into it I'm putting acidity into the water is the equivalent of what happens when we eat, when we're drinking, things are acidic.

We wanna make sure that the thing that's alkaline is neutralizing that acidity, okay? So if it's able to do that, it's gonna maintain its color for a little bit.

May maintain it the whole way. If it really is an alkaline, like a good alkaline thing then it's going to lose its pH quickly.

It's gonna show up acidic and I don't know how acidic, but we're gonna find out. Okay? So let's go ahead and test out Smartwater's Alkaline Water.

SmartWater Alkaline 9+PH Test

Wow, surprise, surprise! Just like they said, they say it's a 9 pH, 9 plus pH and it is looking like a 9 pH. So like I shared, I'm gonna blow into it and see if it maintains that alkalinity.

Okay, let's, see what happens. Huh, that was quick. So there you have it. Smartwater's true pH, and it makes sense when you look at the ingredients.

SmartWater Alkaline 9+PH Test

And you know what even makes more sense when you check out the full review on this water. Yes, I did a full review. 

This is not the only thing we test for when it comes to drinking the best water. So you want to check that out. It's either to the left, wait, left or right of me.

Go ahead and check that out. You're gonna absolutely be blown away. Thank you for watching this smartwater alkaline 9+ph test, and I will see you over there.

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