Zero Water Review…Is This The Best Water For Your Health?

All right, so I'm here with Greg. What's going on everybody. LaPrentiss Demond here and today we are gonna prep for Zero Water Review.

We're actually gonna test this. My friend Greg actually has a Zero Water filter. This is what he's been drinking for a little bit. And so I asked him, hey can I test this?

Zero Water intro

Can I use your filter to go ahead and test this? So Greg, what do we normally, how do we do this? So we have a brand new filter for Zero Water Review. 

Right? So there's no questions on if I'm using the old one, right? So what do we do? We just open this up.

Setting up

Give her a little open, went ahead and washed everything down. So we didn't have any contaminants in there.

Then you just unscrew that little blue guy, pop her on there. And just twist on. Yep. Then slide, other way. Slide it down.
All right. This is not army-proof. Gotta find the grooves, there you go. All right. And that's it. Then you just fill it up. All right. So do we fill it up with regular water?

Yep, regular tap. Cool, straight from the source. And then it has to filter, right? So how long do you think it'll take to filter?
Depending on your water, five, 10 minutes.Okay, so we're gonna filter this, or we're gonna fill this up, let it filter.

And then I'm going to do the normal demo that you guys are used to be seeing.So just want to show you guys that when I do this. Is there a speed? 

You can't force it in. I've tried. It will only filter at one speed, which is slow, Incredibly slow?I mean, that's good though, right? Supposed to be Zero Water.

So you just fill that up and then you can see it's just dripping out the bottom.I'm spilling it everywhere. All right, so there we go.
All right, everybody, what's going on? This is LaPrentiss here, here with Greg. And today we are going to do Zero Water Review.

Okay, as you saw we just changed out the filter, brand new filter. We did it with tap water, just like the instructions say.
And we are going to, the first thing we're gonna do he's new to this, he hasn't seen any of this before.

So he is brand new but he's been drinking this water right here which is our electrolyzed reduced water. Okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna pour this up.

So we're gonna pour it about halfway in this cup here. And I'm gonna go ahead and pour this one. It's chuggy. All right, cool.

Make sure, yeah okay, everything is filtered. All right. So the first thing in this Zero Water Review we're gonna test for is antioxidants.

1. Antioxidants

And antioxidants is the most important part of this test, because we have all these things around us, known as free radicals.

They are in the air that we breathe, they're in the foods that we eat, they're in our electronics. These things they come in, they take electrons from our healthy cells.

When this happens, this creates inflammation, oxidation and inflammation in our cells. And that's linked to every single health disease known to man.

So if you know of any type of "itis", bronchitis, tendonitis planter fasciitis, that's inflammation. In those parts of the body. So oxidation is positively charged.

It creates rust, inflammation, and disease in the body. So we want antioxidants. These are great because these are your fruits, your vegetables, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. 

They have an electrical charge, and what they do is they neutralize that oxidation, lower that inflammation and it keeps us looking young.

So if you've seen a banana, like you know how it gets brown that's oxidation happening in real time. So we can't stop it, but we can slow it down.

In order to do that in this Zero Water Review, we are going to test it using this meter. This meter is known as ORP meter.

 Stands for, yep. Stands for oxidative reduction potential or we're gonna test the potential to reduce oxidation.

Okay. If we see a positive number, it's oxidizing, it's bad we see a negative number, that means it's really good. Antioxidant, bingo. So we're gonna pull this cord out.

I'm gonna have you with the one, all right? And go ahead and just take that wand and put it into ZeroWater and let's see what we get. Just stir it around.

This is the analog system. So what are you seeing? 128 and rising, All right, so doing this for the audience over there that doesn't know what's happening.

Zero Water Positive ORP

Yeah, so if you look at this, it is oxidizing, right? It's steadily going up just because it's coming in contact with the air too. 180, looks like we're still going.
No, it will, it will keep going up and down. So 180, 185 right? Oh my gosh, this is going up even more. Almost 200.

Yep, so this is oxidizing. Now do the same thing with this electrolyze reduced water. Okay, do I just? No, I won't worry about that. What do you see?
Negative 700 and dropping. All right. So we're 722 and yeah, still going. So this is very strong, very high in antioxidants.

Zero Water Negative ORP

So already the the most important part in this Zero Water Review. Yeah, this exact opposite is bad, right? And so when you're sick, your doctor tells you you go home get some rest,

take plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a negative 50. It's around that. Okay. So this is like 14 oranges in one sip. I don't know how much you like oranges.

I mean, I'll eat my bell peppers. Those are, those are pretty high in vitamin C, but I don't often do that high.

Exactly, so that is our first test which is antioxidants. On to our second test, which is on alkalinity.

2. Alkalinity

Sickness and disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. They live and thrive for acidity, right? 

So the moment we come outta the womb, we are alkaline while we're in the womb, we're in that amniotic fluid.

The moment we come out, we start coming into things that are acidic. So we eat fried foods, we eat burgers, french fries, ribs, candies, cakes, all that type of stuff.

It's all acidic. And so we have to balance that stuff out with something that's alkaline, and we could do our fruits and vegetables.

Things like that, right? And the main reason we're doing this is for our blood. Our blood must maintain a 7.365 on the pH scale.

If we aren't able to maintain that from all the sick stuff we're consuming, it's gonna make it work. It's just gonna start taking those minerals from us.

Bleaching it from somewhere else. Yeah, it's gonna bleach it from you. So our skin, our bones, our joints, our ligaments that's while we're cracking,

when we're playing kickball. Oh my gosh, kickball today, something else. When somebody popped a little bit on the ankle.

Yeah. Oh yeah, you heard about that? If we continue, we can get osteoporosis and even Alzheimer's if we stick to acidic. So our water, we want it to be alkaline, I think it'll help.

So I have these pH drops here. Okay. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna put a few drops in each of these. And if we see a red, orange, or yellow that means it's acidic.

It's eating those minerals. If we see a blue, or purple or dark purple, this means it's alkaline. Okay?

 Go ahead and put a few drops in both of these. I don't know like five or six. Don't really count. That seemed like six. Little more.

Zero Water Acidic Ph Test

Getting like a yellowish-green, going into green. And starting, yeah. Looks like it's greenish-blue. What about this one here? All right. Same thing.

One, two, that is instant purple. Yeah. It's some nice colors though. Just giving it extra drops. Yeah, I like that shade. Yeah, it's a nice royal purple, right?

Zero Water Alkaline Ph Test

 Yeah. This is established green now. Yeah, it's established as neutral. I'm curious about that. So there you have it. Neutral is okay, I guess if we're like eating like a rabbit.

We're not eating any of those crazy sweets. I don't, do you like sweets? I do, I do unfortunately.

 Yeah, so I don't think neutral's gonna do too well, but with a brand new filter, we're gonna say that it is good. I'm curious on what happens if we blow into it though.

What I do have is a straw here. One of the things I like to do is I like to test acidity of the beverage, not the acidity, the pH, to make sure it can handle the acidity.

So what we do, what I do usually is these guys see me do it all the time. I'll blow into a straw into the water to see if it changes the pH.

And I'll do that probably for like maybe 20 seconds or so to see if it changes.Okay. So I want you to try that on both of these. Let's see if it changes.

 All right. I feel like I'm having flashbacks when I was little and they're like, don't blow bubbles. No it's not, this is exact opposite. We're actually gonna blow bubbles here.

 I'm curious, cause we're doing a full test on this, right? All right, I wanna say you're good. The reason why, 'cause look. It's yellow, it's acid, right?

Zero Water Blowing Bubbles

Yeah. So I don't know what's in the filter, but I feel like they're adding something to it to make it neutral. 

But once we burn past that, which is easy to do with food it's gonna immediately show it's true colors. And it's not really that neutral. Hmm, interesting.


Same with it, all right. Yes sir. Look at him, so happy right now blowing bubbles. I am! Well, I was actually trying to see, I was like, all right let me just keep going on this one.

Give it the real test. But I started making a mess, so...No, you're good. You can keep going.
No, no, it looks good. It didn't change colors at all.

Zero Water Blowing Bubbles

No, right? So we want something that's strong enough to battle our stink breath or the food that we're eating, right? So that is the second test on alkalinity.

As you can see here, in this Zero Water Review, it's acidic. It's not good overall for our pH. I mean, it's looking a little urine right now. Yeah, looking piss-poor.
All right. We have one more test to do, and here we go. We're gonna pour these out. We're not gonna drink those? No, we are not drinking those. Put those right here.
Actually drinking the good water. Not the ZeroWater. All right, let's see what happens here. Let just stretch this out a little bit more. I know it's a mess, don't worry about it.

3. Superior Hydration

Do it all the time. But our third and final test is all about superior hydration. Okay, the water that we're drinking it should be able to hydrate us at a cellular level not just sit in our stomach and just, right?

So what we do is we make tea. I've been wondering about that. I was like, are we making tea? I've been staring at it like, what is he gonna do with that?

Yeah, we're just, I'm just kidding we got drugs in here. Yeah okay, sweet! No, we're gonna make tea. And do you make tea, do you drink tea?

I do, I do, on occasion. How do you make it? I mean, I tea bag it. I don't know what you're like, so no, I do loose leaf.

My kettle is clear glass, but typically I have an electric kettle as well. If I'm not feeling like I wanna sit there and wait for water to boil, I'll just use the electric kettle.
Okay. So you never tried to make tea with cold water? I have not. That seems like it would take forever. Well, maybe we're gonna find out right now with ZeroWater.

So here's what I want you to do. I want you to pour your ZeroWater over the tea bag and let's see if we can get some tea. I would say do about halfway.

Yep, that's good. And with a few dunks, we should get some tea, right? Mmhm. But we're not, I know you're used to making it hot, right?

And you think I'm crazy right now for trying to make it cold. I was like, yeah it'll take forever. It's almost like a cold brewing coffee, just kinda sit there.

Tea Bag Test

And so this is kind of like our water. Like we want it to penetrate on a cellular level. And right now this teabag represents our body or our cells that we're trying to hydrate.

And right now it's barely getting through to make tea. So go ahead and do the same thing with this water. Okay There we go. You can set that down. Yep, so look at this.

Tea Bag Test

Yeah, almost instant. Yeah, right? So do you think I did anything that made that work better than the other one?

I mean, maybe it was like activated by the the other water at first. Really? Okay, I mean, we can do it again. Let's just do it one more time just to make sure.
Do a dry, do a dry green tea. What do you mean? So like, 'cause you like got it damp with this one first and then we, we switched it over.
So it was damp already. So would it work now with the ZeroWater? Yes. Well see it. That would be the idea. Yeah? No. Same?

Actually it's a little bit lighter than this one. Really? Oh yeah. And then there's still, and it's. Yeah, so like this is how much you're getting hydrated from that ZeroWater.

All right, we'll see you one more time just to make sure it wasn't a trick. We didn't just like wash off all the green teaness. Yeah, see? Insane, right? It did get darker, but yeah.

 Yeah, well check this out. Why? Because this water is smaller. It's actually able to, to hit the phenols of the tea bag better and actually bring out that nutrients.

So if you're cooking, let's say if you're cooking, you're using a lot of brown sugar, you don't need all that brown sugar, just need a little bit, and this is gonna bring out the flavor, right?

Same if, if you're taking supplements if you're taking protein, whey protein, vitamins, stuff like that, if you're taking it with this water it's gonna get into your bloodstream faster.

Cause our blood is 80% water, right? And this is the vehicle that helps get those nutrients around. So it will actually happen a lot better.

It's not that there's no tea there just that you've been using the wrong water. Make sense? Oh yeah. So there you have it. We just did Zero Water Review and we tested for three specific things.

We tested it for antioxidants and. This is safe, right? Yeah, completely safe. Tastes like tea. So we tested, the first one was for antioxidants and we saw that ZeroWater was oxidizing.

 The second test we did in this Zero Water Review was on alkalinity, and while it appeared neutral. Right? Once we actually gave it a little bit of acidity. This time it wasn't mine.

I'm telling y'all it actually showed up acidic. Actually, kind of like the tea here.

Zero Water Tea Bag Test

Well, last but not least, we tested for hydration and we saw that really didn't hydrate us that well and it maybe did maybe 10 or 15%. There's a taste difference too.

Tea Bag Test

But you can actually taste the tea in that one and it's barely in there. Awesome, so there you have it. That is the Zero Water Review.

I don't know where it is. I don't know where it is either. I don't even try to point. And last but not least.

If you're curious about learning about this water check out what I have for you coming up next.

You can do whatever you want now. Hey, thanks for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed it and you learned a little something about the waters that we tested here today.

Finally, if you are serious about improving your health and the waters that you drink, click the link in the description below to access my Water Wellness Masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will discover the truth about the waters we drink, the effects our water has on our health and how you can have the world's best water in the comfort of your home and save thousands of dollars as a result.

Alright, go ahead, check the video below, access that masterclass, and I will see you there real soon.

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